SG360° a Segerdahl company

Wheeling,  IL 
United States

Performance-Based Direct Marketing Solutions

SG360°’s performance-driven direct marketing solutions help increase conversions and maximize ROI. We do this by employing the unmatched engagement power of direct mail across a wide number of traditional and omnichannel marketing channels. Proprietary data methodologies target prospects most likely to buy, while innovative format strategies drive engagementOur highly versatile production platform delivers scalability, providing a one-stop resource for everything from testing through full-scale roll outs. In-house postal optimization and logistics efficiently get your programs in the mail and in homes when you need. All of this is executed with a one-team approach at our production campus, strategically located outside Chicago to maximize national distribution efficiencies. Learn how SG360° can help your marketing efforts reach new heights by visiting


SG360° Leverages Data for 1:1 and Programmatic Direct Mail


  • Performance-driven direct mail
    Direct mail that drives engagement and increases response rates, from quantities of 10,000 to tens of millions....

  • Our breadth of platform and capabilities, and focus solely on direct marketing mail means you can consolidate all your direct marketing needs under one roof. 

    We make your data actionable for targeted, personalized communications at scale.

    With the breadth of our direct mail solutions, we never have to fit a square peg in a round hole. Maximize your direct marketing results with complimentary channels, greater control, and faster time-to-market.

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