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We do the heavy lifting to bring value to your data so you can focus on what you do best - sell cars. Data is the oil that keeps your business operations running smoothly. It's how you understand customer behavior and measure your return on investment. It's the #1 most valuable asset every business should use to their advantage.

But, how do you make sense of an overwhelming amount of data? Our products simplify the process of making data understandable, usable, and actionable. Our syndication, hygiene, and management solutions help you connect with your partners and customers through data.

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  • Authenticom, Inc., the automotive retail industry’s leading data solutions provider, today announced the launch of ContactVia, a software solution that allows automotive retailers to give their customers a choice in how they hear from the dealership.

    Through ContactVia, customers can choose email, text, or telephone as their preferred communications channel and select the type of information they receive, such as service reminders, recall repair updates, or new or used vehicle purchase opportunities. In addition, consumers have complete visibility into what and how their information is shared with other service providers. This is an important step in helping car dealers work with customers to securely manage their personal information.

    Once consumers have shared their preferences, automotive retailers can easily access preference data for internal use or securely provide data to customer-approved solution providers reaching out to consumers on the dealer’s behalf. Consumers and dealers can manage access to data at any time using ContactVia’s shared preference portal, a user-friendly web interface.

    “Today’s consumers want personalized and reliable experiences for their buying needs. Now more than ever, consumers want to have a say in how they interact with organizations and how their personal information is used,” said Authenticom Founder and CEO Stephen Cottrell. “ContactVia provides the easy button to assist sellers in creating a preference-based communication relationship with their customers. Ultimately, this will help strengthen relationships ”

    ContactVia is integrated directly into DealerVault by Authenticom, the company’s cloud-based web platform. DealerVault, which leverages Microsoft Azure, allows its dealership partners to conveniently view and modify current data feeds, check the status of its ongoing vendor programs, disable access when needed, and manage multiple stores with the simple click of a button.

    By allowing customers to provide input into how they want to receive information, automotive retailers will be able to significantly streamline marketing efforts. Knowing which customers want to receive email offers, for example, will significantly increase effectiveness of these campaigns. For dealers, the process is further simplified because ContactVia has been integrated into Authenticom’s DealerVault data management system.

    While Authenticom’s initial customers for ContactVia will be automotive retailers, the company is developing the solution for use in other consumer-based industries, as well.

    “Meeting consumers where they want to interact isn’t specific to just the auto industry,” Cottrell said. “It’s a universal phenomenon that all marketers need to embrace. Meeting your customers on their terms strengthens relationships and leads to more business.”

    Since 2002, Authenticom has been expanding its family of products to support their mission of connecting the world to data. Their emphasis in providing visibility, transparency, and control to customers has allowed organizations to leverage the power of data to drive their business operations and partnerships.

    For more information, visit or call (866) 289-3283.

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  • Authenticom announced it has launched DVSync, a desktop application that gives car dealers control over how data is moved from their dealership management system (DMS) to their vendors. The application, which is part of Authenticom’s DealerVault data solution, gives dealers who use a CDK DMS a fast, cost-effective method for secure data transfer.

    “DVSync simplifies the data transfer process and is an important addition to our DealerVault data solutions,” said Steve Cottrell, CEO of Authenticom. “At one point, DealerVault serviced a vast majority of CDK Dealers. DVSync represents a significant part of Authenticom’s growth strategy to recapture market share moving forward.”

    DVSync is consistent with CDK’s policies for DMS access. Through DVSync, CDK dealers will have complete visibility and a simple to use web-based interface, providing a better, more cost-effective choice over how their data is shared.

    Secure data transfer is one of the most important functions in dealership technology. It enables dealers and their vendors to perform a wide variety of business functions including sales, service and vehicle finance offers.

    Since all the information needed for these activities is housed on the dealership management system, some DMS companies have limited access to this critical business data in the past. When dealers need to share information with business partners, such as an advertising agency or an accounting firm, they need a safe and secure way to transfer the data. DVSync, paired with DealerVault, gives CDK dealers control over when, how and with whom data is shared.

    “Data security is paramount for car dealers to build and maintain trust with their customer base and it is growing in importance every day,” Cottrell said. “Dealers need to move information back and forth with a variety of vendors to manage all the different functions within their business cost-effectively. But most importantly, they need to do so in a way that protects their customers’ personal information and other sensitive data.”

    To access DVSync, dealers simply download it onto their desktop during Authenticom’s DVGo one-time onboarding process. To run it, dealers click a RunDVSync icon in the upper left corner of their desktop and log in using their CDK access requirements. DVSync will then grab the files and transfer them to a secure DealerVault SFTP site for processing and transfer to vendors. There is no additional effort required from dealership personnel.

    DealerVault is a cloud-based solution leveraging Microsoft Azure. DealerVault’s easy-to-use web platform allows its dealership partners to quickly and easily view and modify current data feeds, check the status of its ongoing vendor programs, disable access when needed, and manage multiple stores with the simple click of a button.

    DealerVault is always free to dealers., (866) 289-3283

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  • DealerVault
    DealerVault connects dealers and their vendor partners through data integration....

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