Sonny's The Car Wash Factory

Tamarac,  FL 
United States

Sonny’s, The CarWash Factory, Make CarWashing Easy

Sonny’s, the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world. Forward thinking auto dealers, investors and operators partner with Sonny’s because of its total offering, market leadership, and deep expertise.  WashScape is Sonny's turnkey freechise solution to carwash ownership and its led by a team of real estate, development and carwash professionals that analyze sites, do the due diligence and work with you through construction, development, and grand opening. Sonny's and WashScape is the fast, successful track to carwash ownership.


  • Sonny's CarWash Equipment
    Wash more cars with Sonny's Carwash Equipment. Trusted leadership from the world's largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment....

  • From the 35-foot Xtreme Xpress™ mini tunnel to our full-size express detailing conveyor car wash systems and Fleet-o-Matic™ drive-through systems, Sonny's complete car wash tunnel systems are designed to meet your unique business requirements and match market demand with the highest quality car wash — even at peak volume.  Sonny's tunnel equipment is engineered to deliver unmatched safety and reliability, car after car. With Chain & Roller, Belts, Stainless Steel and Aluminum options.  With Sonny's equipment, you can improve your customer satisfaction and maximize your profitability. 

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