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Disrupting a 50-year reliance on aging Dealer Management System platforms, Tekion has challenged the paradigm with the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail platform, Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC). This transformative dealership software platform uses cutting-edge technology, big data, machine learning, and AI to seamlessly bring together OEMs, retailers/dealers and consumers. With its highly configurable integration and greater customer engagement capabilities, ARC is simplifying the dealer/consumer relationship and journey. Founded in the Silicon Valley, Tekion employs over 1,000 innovators globally. 


  • Automotive Retail Cloud
    Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) is the first and fastest end-to-end cloud-native automotive SaaS platform....

  • Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) is the first and fastest cloud-native platform including all functionalities of a DMS and accompanying tech stack to run a seamless retail business. ARC is revolutionizing the automotive retail industry by breaking down technology limitations that dealerships have struggled with for decades. Its cloud-based platform eliminates clumsy bolt-on software solutions, facilitates user adoption and ease of use, and integrates data across all dealer systems to improve business functions and the consumer retail experience. 

    ARC modernizes the end-to-end automotive retail journey, improves consumer experiences and brings the highest efficiencies to retailers by connecting consumers, dealers and OEMs better than ever before through their cutting-edge platform.  

    ARC includes the following solutions: DMS, CRM, Digital Retail, Digital Service Experience, Zero Contact Digital Sales & Service and Advanced Analytics


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