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Tractable develops artificial intelligence systems for visual assessment and disaster recovery. Its AI solutions process over $2B a year in vehicle repairs and purchases, and have been deployed by over 25 of the global top 100 insurers across Europe, North America and Asia, helping millions of households recover from accidents faster.

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  • The integration will provide shoppers with seamless access to AI-powered condition reporting from interactive 360˚ WalkArounds

    NEW YORK, March 10, 2022 – Impel (formerly SpinCar), a global leader in digital automotive engagement software, and Tractable, the company developing artificial intelligence (AI) for visual assessment and disaster recovery, announced today a collaboration that will enhance automotive digital merchandising with real-time damage condition reporting. Consumers engaging with Impel’s 360˚ WalkArounds on dealership website listings will be able to access detailed vehicle condition insights created through Tractable’s industry-leading AI.

    Through the collaboration, companies using Impel’s digital merchandising products will be provided with a Tractable condition report that accurately assesses a vehicle and identifies external damage. The collaboration establishes a new level of transparency and immersion in the vehicle shopping journey, building consumer trust and confidence, while reducing surprises and disruptions during the vehicle sales process.

    Impel’s digital engagement platform enables vehicle sellers to deliver more personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. Powered by conversational AI technology and the industry’s most granular shopper data set, the company’s applications help retailers drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across their entire operation. Tractable’s visual AI solutions enable businesses of all types to assess, inspect, repair and transact assets at scale.

    Michael Quigley, Impel’s president and co-founder, said, “Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest transactions in a consumer’s lifetime, and with 80% of the automotive shopping journey now happening online, it’s vital that dealers do everything possible to instill confidence in the buying decision. By partnering with Tractable, we can revolutionize online vehicle exploration by enabling dealers to create an engaging and transparent experience that builds consumer trust,  providing shoppers with precise and accurate details about a car’s condition and the potential associated repair costs.”

    Alex Dalyac, CEO and co-founder of Tractable said, “The number one worry for a consumer buying a used or pre-owned vehicle is its condition and the potential for unseen blemishes and damage that aren’t reported or readily visible. Working with Impel, we’ll help to solve this problem by adding transparency into the process to build greater trust between dealers and customers.”

    About Tractable

    Tractable develops visual AI that helps businesses repair, protect and transact cars and homes. Its AI solutions process over $2B a year in vehicle repairs and purchases, and have been deployed by many of the world’s leading companies across Europe, North America and Asia, helping millions of people every year.

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    About Impel

    Impel (formerly SpinCar) offers automotive dealers, wholesalers, OEMs and third-party marketplaces the industry’s most advanced digital engagement platform. The company’s end-to-end omnichannel solution leverages proprietary shopper behavioral data and AI technology to deliver hyper-personalized experiences at every touchpoint across the entire customer journey. Impel’s communication, merchandising, marketing and imaging applications work seamlessly with all major website, CRM and DMS platforms. To date, the company has delivered more than 2 billion shopper interactions across 51 countries. To learn more about Impel, visit

    Media Contact: Casey Sobota, North America PR Manager, Tractable

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  • Ai Inspection
    Quickly and easily assess a vehicle’s condition to produce instant condition reports and provide more accurate valuations

  • Traditionally, the condition and value of a vehicle is determined by a human appraiser. That manual process involves more time that translates into higher cost. Through the use of a smartphone app, AI Inspection provides an accurate, cost- effective alternative that is both easy to use and efficient. Fleet owners, dealers, rental firms and other auto businesses all benefit from this expedited process.

    Tractable’s visual AI not only identifies any damage, but assesses the overall condition. On that basis it offers an accurate valuation of any vehicle, making it ideal for purchasing, selling, renting or leasing.

    Key benefits

    Cost and convenience

    There is no need to transport vehicles to an assessment site or wait for an appraiser to come to you. Inspections are conducted remotely, eliminating the time and trouble of travel, as well as the cost of bringing someone in for in-person assessment.

    Fraud prevention

    AI Inspection combines state-of-the-art video capture with comprehensive AI fraud checks to ensure that all the information that goes into the assessment is verified. Because it works off the images themselves, it is not subject to incorporating fake or misrepresented features.

    Right price, right time

    AI Inspection provides highly accurate valuations for timely sales. Dealers can use that information to make the most profitable purchases. Rental firms can also benefit with insight into when would be the right to to sell their cars, at the best price.

    No bottlenecks here

    Videos are processed in just minutes. They are rapidly analyzed by the AI in the app itself, so you have the information you need within hours rather than having to wait for it for days or even weeks.

    Better customer experience

    At the end of the day, any business comes down to the quality of its customers’ experience. With the power of AI, your customers can enjoy prompt service that was unattainable before. 

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