TruStack Tire Platforms

Yuba City,  CA 
United States

Award-Winning Tire and Wheel Merchandising Gear

At Chariot Concepts, we have created a patent-protected Award-Winning line of Tire and Wheel Merchandising Gear that creates a path to professional appearance and customer safety for tire displays on the showroom floor or the drive.
From our famous TruStack Tire Dolly, with its 5 no-compromise casters and safety strap system, to our simple "Best New Product" ValveStem Signpost, or new for 2022 Smart Tire Stacker, we help you sell tires.
Create feature tire package displays on the showroom floor and worry less about floor damage from tire stains, or vehicle damage from runaway tires.

 Press Releases

  • Chariot Concepts, owner of multiple patents and constructor of the TruStack Tire Dolly, Smart Tire Stack, and other tire-related merchandising equipment, is excited to announce that the TruStack and Smart Tire Stack Tooling is being brought to the United States for all future production. Included in this decision will come the ability to use more sustainable material in the process because of an increase in quality monitoring capability. Additionally, onshore production will allow for exponentially improved turnaround times. The TruStack Tire Dolly and Smart Tire Stack will both be present and on display at the NADA Show, Booth 6418N


  • TruStack Tire Dolly
    The TruStack Tire Dolly is a high capacity platform dolly offering a stable way to fetch, stow, or display tires. Reduce personal and property risk from tipsy indoor/outdoor displays. Features easy-guide mobility, innovative anchor system....

  • The TruStack Tire Dolly will help you sell tires.

    Is it a simple way to display and secure tires in a showroom environment? Yes!

    Can you have peace of mind knowing your showroom floor is not being stained brown from direct contact with tires? Yes!

    Are you worried about kids climbing a tire stack and bouncing a loose tire into your latest automobile display? Not any more!

    The TruStack Tire Dolly is designed to carry tires, mounted or not, up to 35" diameter with a weight limit of 1000 pounds.

    It includes a patented strap system that allows you to physically secure the tires to the dolly to address both safety and liability concerns.

    And it's a great tool for the shop. Stack tires away from a job to keep the floor clear. Use it to stage tire sales. Roll tires from the rack to the tire changing equipment and back.

    The casters are a premium commercial-grade sealed-bearing design. They are easy rolling, and the 5 caster configuration is patented because a full load can be easily steered in the desired direction without the unpredictable darting common without it. We call it "EZ Steer." And two of those casters are equipped with foot operated brakes.

    Display or Utility, your choice. Protect floors from stains, customers from pains, employees from strains. 

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