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vAuto's inventory management solutions address every stage of the new/used vehicle inventory lifecycle, delivering superior data and insights to help dealers master their markets. See vAuto's latest innovation, ProfitTime GPS, an all-channel acquistion-tosale system that helps dealers optimize investment returns on every used vehicle. 


  • Conquest: New Car Inventory Management
    Optimize your limited new car inventory through vehicle specific sales strategies that balance gross profit and future factory allocations....

  • Conquest provides franchise dealers a live market view for new cars and competitive insights to develop winning pricing, stocking and merchandising strategies that go beyond OEM-provided inventory tools.

    -Stock the right mix with real-time data on every new car in your market — any make, any model, anytime. Optimize your inventory with granular insights to influence your factory allocation and make educated dealer trades.
    -Manage pricing and rebates efficiently by ensuring every new vehicle is priced accurately and competitively across your online listings. Eliminate time-consuming complexities of managing factory incentives and rebates by automatically sourcing and applying the latest rebates to ensure pricing consistency across dealer and third-party websites.
    -Improve your new vehicle merchandising. With vAuto's SnapLot 360 and Intelligent Promotion, you can efficiently get your inventory online with content-rich VDPs to drive engagement and build customer trust.
  • Intelligent Promotion
    Tell the full story for each vehicle and differentiate your dealership through listing photos empowering car shoppers to decide online....

  • Intelligent Promotion tells the full story about each vehicle and differentiates your dealership through the listing photos to empower car buyers to make a decision online.

    - Tell shoppers the full story of each vehicle and differentiate your dealership visually through custom banners, overlays, Smart Fields and billboards.
    -  Create scalable vehicle specific promotions that are applied to listings' photos across inventory groups resulting in high quality digital merchandising that helps dealers save time and resources. 
    - Manage all aspects of your inventory – from pricing to merchandising – from a single source for ease and consistency. From within Provision and Conquest, Intelligent Promotion seamlessly adds merchandising capabilities to your existing vAuto inventory. 
  • iRecon
    Built directly into vAuto, iRecon identifies where your reconditioning process may fall short and holds all departments accountable in getting cars front line ready faster....

  • iRecon helps dealers identify and fix reconditioning process inefficiencies by providing a platform that improves communication with vendors/departments, reduces holding costs and gets vehicles to front-line faster.

    -Manage reconditioning from a single system. iRecon’s Provision integration ensures you can start, monitor, update and complete the reconditioning process while making informed, data-driven used car decisions. Provision appraisal notes and reconditioning estimates flow real-time into iRecon, eliminating downtime or data update lags.
    -Easily approve/decline line items: iRecon ensures fast approvals/declines on a menu of tasks provided by your reconditioning technicians, to help you stay in the know and keep vehicles flowing seamlessly through reconditioning. 
    -Know the location/status of every vehicle. iRecon’s GPS capability improves workflow and saves time locating vehicles on the lot.
    -Customize recon templates: iRecon enables customized plan templates to minimize the time it takes to get vehicle reconditioning started with Quick Plan templates that build plans in just two clicks.
  • ProfitTime GPS
    Discover the industry’s first Global Acquisition system and optimize every inventory acquisition opportunity in every channel....

  • vAuto’s ProfitTime GPS continues the company’s game-changing innovations through the launch of the industry’s first Global Acquisition System, which extends ProfitTime’s investment value-based method of inventory management to every vehicle acquisition: 

    -Set a holistic acquisition strategy for every sourcing channel. ProfitTime’s Global Acquisition System helps dealers set investment value targets for individual vehicle sourcing channels to optimize the outcomes of every vehicle in any channel. 
    -Manage appraiser performance. ProfitTime’s Global Acquisition System gives dealers a single, dashboard view of vehicle appraisals and acquisitions in each channel, revealing when vehicle appraisals match or depart from channel-specific investment value targets.
    -Price based on investment value. ProfitTime’s Global Acquisition System bridges the gap between appraisal and pricing, helping dealers optimize each vehicle’s investment value potential at every stage of its lifecycle.

  • Provision: Used Vehicle Inventory Management
    Maximize sales and total gross profit for your used vehicle department and dealership....

  • vAuto’s industry’s leading used vehicle inventory management system helps dealers make smarter, more profitable used car decisions:

    -Know the cars you should stock. Provision’s Provisioning module analyzes a dealer’s market to identify in-demand segments and vehicles to stock their inventories. Provisioning’s Report Card grade’s each vehicle based on its market appeal, profit potential, historical performance and other factors.
    -Pay the right money to acquire inventory. Provision’s Appraising module helps dealers know exactly what to pay to profit on every vehicle, through real-time retail pricing information and a superior view of like-mine vehicles available in a market.
    -Price inventory to sell. Provision’s Pricing module distills real-time pricing information on the same/similar vehicles in a dealer's market to help dealers price every used vehicle competitively and drive the total gross on every car. 
    -Promote inventory effectively and efficiently online. Provision’s Merchandising module helps dealers manage every used vehicle listing across third-party and dealership sites from a single platform. 
  • SnapLot 360: 360-Degree Vehicle Spins
    Give online shoppers a virtual showroom experience that showcases key vehicle features and builds consumers trust....

  • SnapLot 360 generates a media rich experience that helps dealers provide product transparency that better meets the evolving online shopping needs of customers.  With integration in vAuto, media captured can be easily managed and syndicated from both Provision or Conquest.

    -Capture compelling vehicle photos. SnapLot 360 enables three forms of media from one walk around using a smartphone. With iOS wide angle capability, dealers can capture their 360s without needing a large lot or showroom.   
    -Tag vehicle hot spots: After capturing a 360, SnapLot 360 automatically tags images to call out features/details and easily create informative visual content that can include unique vehicle attributes (i.e., custom wheels, damage, etc.). 
    -Create videos with advanced media: SnapLot 360 automatically turns 360 images into a vehicle video with voiceover and hot spot call outs to easily add more engaging media to vehicle  listings.
    -Ensure standardized media content: SnapLot 360’s guides and gridlines help you easily standardize media content, line up the perfect shot and produce consistent listing media.  
  • Stockwave: Online Vehicle Sourcing
    Evaluate any vehicle listed online with 15+ live market data points on any car to make the best sourcing decisions for your dealership.

  • Stockwave helps you make smarter, faster digital sourcing decisions. With live market insights, you can buy the right vehicles, sight unseen, before the competition.
    -Identify the best cars quickly: Stockwave helps you efficiently search listings of cars that will make you money from across the country compiled into one stream, ranked by profit potential.
    -Know what to pay: Stockwave helps you know exactly what to pay to protect your margins, based on like-vehicle pricing and average odometer in your local market.
    -Calculate projected profit: Stockwave totals your reconditioning, transportation and other costs, and calculates that number against your target retail price, so you can project how much you can make on every car.
    -Use the metrics that matter: Stockwave combines all the key data and metrics you use into a single screen, including Kelley Blue Book values, MMR, current demand and supply in your local market.

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