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Helping commercial dealers maximize opportunities.

Work Truck Solutions is a technology-based platform for the Commercial Vehicle Industry. Our national marketplace, Comvoy, seamlessly connects the right
commercial buyers to vehicles and services they need to run their business. VAST, the Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool, offers access to many inventory sources specifically for the wholesale acquisition of commercial vehicles. EZOrder minimizes customer frustration surrounding inventory shortages and gets vehicle orders to the head of the line.

 Show Specials

  • Stop by the Work Truck Solutions booth (1356W) to get a demo of the commercial business tools that will help you succeed, learn about our show specials and get access to our Commercial Vehicle Playbook.

    And be sure to attend the workshops hosted by Kathryn Schifferle and Jim Press.
    Thursday, March 101:00-2:00pm (W203)
    Friday, March 1110:30-11:30am (W203)
    Kathryn Schifferle
    Kathryn Schifferle
    CEO – Work Truck Solutions
    Jim Press
    Jim Press
    Advisor - Work Truck Solutions*
    *Former Toyota Motor Sales President, COO, former Chrysler LLC Co-President and Vice Chairman, former McLarty Automotive President and former RML Automotive President

 Press Releases

  • Product is a Solution to Low On-lot Commercial Vehicle Inventory

    Chico, CA, March 8, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Work Truck Solutions® today announced CV Showroom™ to help dealers serve their business customers despite record low inventory levels. With today’s inventory challenges, dealerships cannot depend on having upfitted vehicles on their lot. However, it’s critical that they have the ability to show commercial vehicle shoppers, in an online format, the variety of finished vehicles available for their specific business needs. 

    Said Kathryn Schifferle, CEO of Work Truck Solutions, “We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our dealers and CV Showroom is another mile marker on our track record of doing so.” By analyzing historical data, such as average days to turn and prior sales volume of specific upfit configurations, Work Truck Solutions will make recommendations for virtual inventory. Dealers can then review the suggestions and tag which ones they want to show, helping them land on a virtual inventory showroom that offers the vehicles most likely to appeal to their customers. 

    Added Schifferle, “CV Showroom provides a way to display vehicle configurations, including details of the chassis and upfits, that have historically been best sellers, providing a path to efficiently get customers into our EZOrder process and complete the sale. CV Showroom helps our commercial vehicle dealers and they in turn help their customers - it truly benefits all parties.”

    As an added benefit, the display of body manufacturers and configuration specs contribute significant content to a dealership’s website. And this content, especially with low on-lot inventory levels, offers tremendous SEO value.     

    Work Truck Solutions has selected a group of dealers to pilot CV Showroom, and plans to make this service available to all their customers in May.

    About Work Truck Solutions

    Work Truck Solutions is a smart, technology-based platform for the Commercial Vehicle Industry; an efficient customer-focused end-to-end experience for commercial vehicle buyers, dealers, manufacturers and upfitters. Our innovative technology is the one-stop inventory management, operational analytics, and digital marketing solution that maximizes commercial sales and profitability. Our national marketplace, Comvoy (, seamlessly connects the right commercial buyers to vehicles and services they need to run their business. VAST, the Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool, offers access to many inventory sources specifically for the wholesale acquisition of commercial work trucks, vans and pickups for a one-stop-shop experience. EZOrder minimizes customer frustration surrounding inventory shortages and gets their vehicle order to the head of the line.

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    Steve Henning

    Senior Director of Marketing



  • Commercial Success Program
    Coop eligible solutions for commercial vehicle departments. From B2B websites, to a nationwide marketplace, to national locators, to vehicle acquisition tools, to social offerings, to Commercial CRM - we've got you covered....

  • Tools Package

    In addition to displaying your commercial inventory online, the Tools package offers inventory management and access to VAST (Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool). VAST is the answer to today’s inventory challenges, providing sources for work trucks & vans via wholesale and auctions. Plus, by adding EZOrder functionality to your commercial website, you prompt customers to get their orders in now.

    Analytics Package

    The Analytics package builds on Tools, adding on-demand access to a suite of actionable reports. If you’ve ever needed your commercial sales stats, you know getting them is easier said than done. Our CBI (Commercial Business Intelligence) suite of reports does the work for you and puts information at your fingertips.

    Content Package

    The Content package customizes the look and feel of your commercial site. Commercial product, testimonials, upfits, and vocational content drives SEO using custom pages and banners to target specific vocational buyers.

    And don’t forget about your service department. Reinforce long-term relationships with commercial customers by keeping their vehicles on the road through specials on service-specific pages.

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