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AutoStoneUSA and Resilient Armour provide flooring solutions for automotive dealerships.  AutoStone provides brand & image compliant showroom, service drive and workshop tile floor products.  Resilient Armour provides dealers an alternative to epoxy coatings, polished concrete or other temporary coatings by providing dealers a superior floor choice at a comparative price.  We are automotive flooring experts and we work with dealers and your brands, architects, builders (general contractors) and flooring contractors to help you build better retailing and service environments. AutoStone products perform better and deliver better results in your dealership.  

There is a difference in the vendors approved for use by your brand program and AutoStone and Resilient Armour products deliver better results.  We are the preferred and/or recommended or an approved supplier for brands like:  Acura, Honda (Gen 4), Audi, BMW, Buick-GMC, Chevrolet (GM EBE), Nissan (NREDI), Infiniti (IREDI), Ford (Ford Signature), Hyundai (GDS), Mercedes-Benz (Autohaus), Jaguar Land Rover (JLR ARCH), Subaru, Kia and others!  

See how the service drive is the most under measured footprint in automotive retail & service today.  The reality of automotive service is that customers & employees walk on this floor while vehicles track in contaminants while you conduct business.  How are you measuring this risk?  Click here to see how AutoStone driveseries delivers better results!

Clik link for MB Autohaus3 it ROCKS!

Also, check out our website and the content that explains our products, their performance features and how we deliver better results in your automotive facility.  and - we are automotive flooring experts.


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 Press Releases

  • The new Autohaus3 program for Mercedes-Benz is amazing!  The winding road in the showroom redefines driving.  See the latest Mercedes-Benz projects that selected AutoStone as their Mercedes-Benz brand recommended tile.  See the amazing retailing design and how AutoStone delivers the right environment for Mercedes-Benz retailers.

    Click here for a project profile that ROCKS!

    Click here for a short video on the new Autohaus program in partnership with AutoStone.

    Come see AutoStone at booth 1656W.

    #Mercedes-Benz, #Autohaus3, #Mercedes-Benz brand compliant showroom tile!

  • In the immortal words of our Vice President (Kamala Harris), "It is time for us to do what we have been doing.  And that time is every day."  In that spirit it is now that time for dealers to stop, the non-stop, on-going cycle of temporary epoxy coating!  For the same delivered price point choose:  Resilient Armour!  Resilient Armour delivers a far better solution and far better results.  Your floor surface will last 4x's longer or more than what you get from temporary coatings like epoxy.  Stop the brain-damage, stop the pain, stop the continual outflow of money that you incur when you continually re-surfacing your workshop.  

    For a GREAT 56,000 SF workshop installation (Subaru) - click this link for a great project profile!  Come see us at booth 1656W.


  • Clean.Tech - for better retailing environments!
    NEW! revolutionary tile that gives dealers cleaner and safer facilities. Clean.Tech with advanced technology provides greater cleanability & stain resistance with nano-granular enhanced surface traction to reduce slip, trip and fall events....

  • Clean.Tech reflects the most advanced technology platform designed for automotive retailing environments.  Dealers want facilities and floors that are easier to clean, don't show daily foot traffic, tire marks or other things that detract from a clean facility.  Additionally, dealers want floors that deliver greater traction which reduces their exposure to STF (slip, trip, and fall) risk.  These are the foundations behind Clean.Tech by AutoStone - a floor tile that delivers better results, easier to clean surfaces and reduces STF events.  

    Clean.Tech comes in colors and surface patterns that align with your image program goals and brand standards.  Clean.Tech is already approved for use with brands like: Jaguar Land Rover, Subaru, Kia, Honda and others.  

    Click here to see how Clean.Tech can help your faciltiy build and deliver your dealership a better floor!  

  • driveseries! - #1 floor for your service drive
    Better manage slip, trip, & fall risk in the service drive. This area impacts dealership & brand perception. Both employees & customers transact on floors with moisture, oil & contaminants. Doing business puts you at risk; we help reduce that exposure....

  • The nature of selling automotive service is that dealers conduct business on floors that have contaminants tracked in by vehicles throughout the day.  Both your employees and your customers are walking on floors where vehicles are tracking in contaminants such as moisture (water, ice and snow) as well as oils, chemicals and more.  The reaility is that for you to do business, you do so at greater risk and on floors that are more slippery.  How are you going to manage that risk?  We suggest you look at driveseries - click here for a short driveseries introduction video.

    The question for a dealership is, “what is the best floor surface to address the reality of STF risk we face in the service drive and workshop space?” Driveseries is designed to both be easy to clean and manage STF risk. Being easy to clean and keep in a "like new" condition is important because other tile companies (not-AutoStone) provide sandpaper textured surfaces which hold onto rubber transfer, oils and contaminants and darken over time.  This also increases your risk because when moisture is reintroduced to your floor surface (which is a daily occurance), it reactivates these oils and your floor is slippery.  Click here for an important video on why NOT a sandpaper tile surface for your service drive tile.

    With Driveseries you create a better customer service experience for your customers that leads them to say, "that's thoughtful"!  Click here to see a short video from a dealer as shares the "that's thoughtful customer experience".

    To get to the AutoStone DriveSeries brand page, you can access it by clicking here to learn more!

  • LV WoodPlank Automotive Retail Collection!
    A REVOLUTION in flooring materials! AutoStone Luxury Vinyl WoodPlank is the latest break through in floor materials for automotive retail showrooms. Reduce costs, shorten installation time, upgrade your facility and keep retail fresh!...

  • AutoStone introduces LV WOODPLANK - Automotive Retail Collection to automotive retailing!  LV is luxury vinyl that is enhanced and upgraded for automotive retailing.  This series comes on a rigid plank boards with a rubber backing that installs with a click-together system.  This series is a GAME CHANGER for automotive retailing because it installs in minutes, but lasts for decades or more!  Avoid expensive. messy and costly renovation expenses with this product that reflects high quality "real-wood" aesthetics.  

    AutoStone is now working with brand programs like:  Mercedes-Benz Autohaus to be the first supplier of luxury vinyl as a brand compliant material in support of Mercedes-Benz facilities.  Click here to see the latest program from MB and their new Autohaus3 retailing program.

    For brand programs that look to incorporate the warmth of wood and want to keep facility and retail costs affordable for their franchise dealership network, AutoStone has the right solution for your brand.  For dealers who are looking to upgrade to your brand program, but want a better and affordable solution, ask AutoStone about this program.

  • Resilient Armour - the epoxy killer!
    Makes epoxy obsolete, comparable in pricing, lasts 4x's longer, is faster to install, looks better & delivers better results. What the pro's use for workshop and service drive floors! Safer, rugged, durable, affordable & the strongest industrial floor!...

  • Resilient Armour is an industrial floor built for the automotive workshop and other tough industrial environments!  Safer, rugged, durable, affordable and the strongest industrial surface.  Resilient Armour has many great durability features like IMPACT GUARD - which stands up to the impact of a hammer!  

    RA wears like armour and looks like new because it is modular and can be updated, repaired and/or replaced if/as needed.  Resilient Armour is an 18" x 36" floor panel that ranges in cost from $ 2.99 psf to $ 3.99 psf (installation is additional).  There are many CERTIFIED Resilient Armour flooring contractors who will install your floor at a price that ranges from $ 2.50 to $ 3.50 psf, depending on concrete conditions.  When you factor all costs - Resilient Armour is priced to replace epoxy coatings which are an endless series never ending resurfacing.  

    Click here for link to see a 56,000 SF Subaru shop floor installation - Resilient Armour changes the game for workshop environments!

    Resilient Armour CHANGES EVERYTHING with easy to install and great looking shop environments.  Ask your AutoStone flooring expert about Resilient Armour for your automotive service department.

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