Buzz Doering Automobile Leasing Consultant

Jackson,  WI 
United States

Leasing - All dealerships can do it successfully

Buzz started Doering Leasing Company in 1966 and the Consulting business in 1982.  He has done training for 1000's of dealerships; most of the manufacturers; GMAC, ASTN and many 20 Groups.

We offer:

  • One Day Lease In-House Training Programs and On-going Consulting for all size dealerships..  
  • Workshops and seminars for Manufacturers,  Dealer Groups, Trade or Advertising Associations, 20 Groups

Our programs educate and motivate managers and sales persons to effectively use leasing to increase gross profits, sell more cars and increase lease penetration and retention.  


  • Lease Training and Consulting
    One Day and On-going Lease Training and Consulting In-House programs to educate and motivate managers and salespersons.

  • My programs motivate, educate, and build self-confidence in retail Sales Professionals, Managers, Wholesale Managers and Financial Services Representatives from the manufacturers.

    There is great opportunity for leasing at the present time because several manufacturers and their finance companies have lost their focus on leasing.  By aggressively getting back into leasing you have high resale value and attractive leases dealers can use the value in leasing to close more deals, thus increasing your market penetration, and often at higher gross profit.

    One of the biggest problems dealers and customers face today is the ever-growing negative equity the customers are experiencing in their trades.  This was caused by longer and longer term financing.  Many customers would like to trade for a new vehicle but they are too badly buried.  A short term lease brings the customer back sooner, with a paid up contract. That is why customer retention in leasing is more than double than in selling.

    The lease market is different than the selling market in that it is created by educating the customer.  Ninety-five percent of the people have no idea how the closed end lease works and many people confuse it with renting, like from Hertz or Avis.

    To be successful we must offer this lease knowledge to all qualified customers, not just use it to save deals.  When you offer leasing to all customers here are the results

    • More sales
    • Often higher grosses
    • Happier customers
    • Higher retention - leading to future sales

    My programs illustrates how any dealer in any part of the country is capable of leasing, if it is just offered.

    We show sales professionals how to present the lease and how to present the value in leasing that makes it different than buying.  Some of the little known benefits are:

    • Sales tax savings in some states
    • High mileage drivers save money
    • No risk of diminished value
    • Gap protection
    • Increases credit scores
    • Often a better tax deduction

    Training is the key to successful leasing. 

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