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Digital Twinns: Sell your cars around the clock!

Twinner enables customer-centric and digital online trading of used vehicles with its revolutionary system for digitally mapping a vehicle.

Twinner technology makes it possible to create digital images of vehicles, eliminating the need to view them in person at specific times in specific locations.

The Twinner Space produces an unprecedented data set of each vehicle, a digital twin. With the Digital Twinn, the viewer sees more virtually than standing in front of the car. Twinner can show the vehicle from a wide variety of perspectives that would otherwise remain hidden from the human eye. 360° views of the interior and exterior allow an intensive visual tour. The underbody scan reveals every subtlety without a lift or flashlight.

Maximum objectivity: simple, fast and at a glance: more than you can see.


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 Press Releases

  • LAS VEGAS --  Twinner Group, a startup working with the major European car companies and a number of dealer groups, is putting American dealers on equal footing with e-commerce giants, without those dealers having to make big investments or purchase expensive machinery. 


    Twinner’s unique car scanner creates a complete Digital Twinn® of cars. It delivers a 360-degree view that includes the roof, body, interior and the underbody, allowing consumers to “see” if the car has ever been repainted due to accidents - all from without ever having to step foot in a dealership. 


    Twinner announced its US plans Tuesday at the Digital Dealer Show in Las Vegas. 


    According to Twinner CEO Silvan Cloud Rath, the average dealer group can expect to increase its turn rate by 15 percent and save up to $400 per car, tapping into a growing trend of online used car sales. By 2025 in a $1 trillion market, experts predict 25 percent of all used cars will be sold online. 


    “When we break a bone, we go and get an MRI,” Rath said.  “Or, we get a CAT scan for brain injuries or a chest x-ray for the heart, lungs and other internal organs. We thought, ‘Why not do that for a used car?’” 


    The technology is similar to medical scanning technology.  When vehicles drive into the Twinner Space®, multispectral sensors and lasers scan the car to create a Digital Twinn® of unparalleled quality, Rath said. 


    “We create a Digital Twinn®, which is comparable to a clean bill of health, a skeptical buyer can see it for themselves -- from their living room,” Rath said.  “They don’t just have to take the seller at his or her word.” 


    “You can even zoom in and detect scratches on the rim of the wheel or tiny dents on the door.  We want to increase consumer confidence and trust in digital transactions.” 


    Dealers won’t have to buy the scanner, what the company has named Twinner Space®; they will pay for each scan.  The first scanners will arrive in the US early in 2022. Rath predicts Twinner will someday also help establish a fair price when the original owner goes to sell the car to a dealer. 


    Twinner®, formed in 2019 and headquartered in Halle, Germany, scans vehicles and creates an identical data record. This Digital Twinn® allows cars to be inspected, bought, and sold online anytime and anywhere...   


  • Halle (Saale), September 2021. Car sales are booming: worldwide car sales are expected to reach 69.8 million vehicles in 2021. The soaring demand, combined with less new vehicles in the market, due to the ongoing shortages of semiconductor chips are fuelling the online used car business, a segment showcasing continuous growth. One of the key prerequisites of building a successful e-commerce space for used cars is creating trust with the buyers through a transparent and convincing online vehicle analysis and presentation, achieving a realistic valuation of the vehicle. Twinner is establishing itself as one of the key technology providers of digital car sales with its Twinner Space®. The device can take an exceptionally close look at any vehicle. The results are available online and enable both a viable calculation of the sale price and a profound inspection. The multispectral surface analysis of the Twinner Space® extends the offering of Twinner, allowing an even more precise analysis for vehicle inspections.  


    More than you can see: Multispectral surface analysis  


    The multispectral surface analysis of a car can be carried out in a Twinner Space® within the shortest amount of time. Highly sensitive industrial cameras, an in-house developed multispectral device and a complex algorithm ensure that the smallest irregularities can be uncovered. The principle: the car paint reflects the light generated by the Twinner Space®, while the cameras record the various wave lengths. Even slightest differences in the contrast of the images recorded can inform about possible divergence or irregularities of the paint. The precision analysis of all reflections of the vehicle surface covers not only visible light, but also light invisible for the human eye. Damages, repainted finish and exchanged parts can be visualized and automatically documented. 


    The difference in the composition of the car lacquer finish and the varying characteristics in aging are specific evidence for replaced or repainted parts of the chassis, unveiling the history of the vehicle. Even the smallest traces of foiling can be uncovered, indicating the former use of the vehicle (e.g. usage as taxi or by driving schools). This technology differentiates Twinner from other players in the market. Other solutions, such as thermography require significantly more time to inspect a vehicle. Additionally, the scanning process of the Twinner Space® is fully standardized within a controlled environment, allowing replicable results independent of the time and place. 


    In a pilot project with a European OEM, around 2,000 vehicles were scanned with this new feature. The pilot has successfully proven the technology, uncovering 13% additional repainted or exchanged vehicle parts, which went undocumented during the traditional manual inspection. 


    Transparency in the vehicle valuation – from the family car to valuable vintage cars  


    The standardized and optimized processes of the Twinner Space® generate value especially in the valuation of large vehicle fleets, such as returns from leasing and company fleets, which are then remarketed.  


    Twinner further delivers valuable data points for the valuation and assessment of high-value vintage cars. The Leipzig based Classic Lounge, specialized in the restauration of vintage cars has been using the modern sensor technology for a precise valuation of their vehicles. The precious four wheelers can be digitally presented around the world, up until the smallest details, thanks to the Digital Twinn®. 


    Financing round successfully closed  


    The most recent financing by well known investors is further supporting the growth of the company. In the recently closed series B financing round, the company in the field of vehicle digitalization could convince new and vital investors. Thanks to a total investment of over 40 million Euros, Twinner belongs to an exclusive group of technology companies with international ambitions. The company wants to further advance technological development and, in the medium term, create a standard for the visualisation and evaluation of vehicles to establish a fair and transparent automobile trade worldwide. Currently, the company is aiming for targeted growth through partnerships with established players in the automobile trade, such as CarNext, a leading European online marketplace for high-quality used cars.  


    The Japanese industrial and automotive conglomerate Sojitz Corporation, an international leader in automotive assembly, wholesale and retail, has also been won as an investor and strategic partner. Together with Twinner, the corporation wants to accelerate the digitalisation of the Japanese automotive market. 


    Twinner also plays a central role at Volkswagen. In a pilot project of the manufacturer for comprehensive vehicle digitisation, tens of thousands of Digital Twinns® of vehicles have already been generated. There is also a close cooperation with MOSOLF, one of the leading European automotive logistics companies. At its location in Kippenheim, Baden-Württemberg, the company generates Digital Twinns® for the digital remarketing of returns from the employee leasing of various car manufacturers 


    About Twinner: Founded in 2017, Twinner® is on a mission to revolutionise the automotive industry. Twinner®'s technology makes it possible to create digital images of vehicles so that they no longer need to be viewed in person at specific times in specific locations. In this way, the company brings transparency, security and trust to one of the largest sales markets in the world. Twinner® obtains an incomparably large data set from each vehicle, based on which a Digital Twinn®, i.e. a "digital twin", is created, with which the customer can virtually see more than if he were standing in front of the vehicle themself. The start-up company from Halle has a team of more than 150 experts, all of whom have extensive experience in the automotive and start-up sectors as well as innovation sectors. 





  • Digital Twinn
    High-resolution images enable a virtual 360-degree tour around and through the vehicle. Special features and damages are made visible. All vehicle data can be viewed in parallel....

  • See the Digital Twinn of a McLaren here.

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