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Foureyes sales intelligence software helps businesses track, protect, engage, and sell better. Now more than ever, businesses need to maximize every sales opportunity. Help your sales team become more efficient and effective with Foureyes.

With Foureyes, businesses get visibility into every call, form, and chat lead with patented user-level website tracking. Automatic lead logging and analysis protects and prioritizes your pipeline. Dynamic communication software engages leads with inventory-specific updates sent to relevant prospects. AI-powered lead insights and alerts help sales teams improve sales process with more customer-centric conversations. Using Foureyes, customers increase their close rate by 41% on average.

Thousands of data-driven OEMs, innovative companies, and dealerships large and small leverage Foureyes to power sales success.

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How Passport Automotive Delivers Better Follow-Up with Foureyes

 Press Releases

  • Foureyes, the sales intelligence software company, announced that their product Safety Net will be free for 30 days to dealers who try it before October 31, 2021. Named Most Innovative Solution of 2020 by DrivingSales, Safety Net captures sales leads that would normally fall out of the sales pipeline. Uniquely well-suited for the current high-demand, low-inventory situation, Safety Net automatically helps dealerships protect their customer experience and long-term sales opportunities. 

    “We’ve known that dealerships struggle to capture all of their leads,” said Foureyes CEO and inventor David Steinberg. “Normally, dealerships lose track of about 15% of their phone calls, forms, and chats. But when more than 25% of leads went unlogged this summer, we knew we needed to offer a higher level of help.” 

    The goal of the Foureyes Safety Net free trial is to enable dealerships to get practical support with no strings attached during a time of acute need. Catherine Davidson, Foureyes Director of Client Success, said, “Our teams hear from dealers every day who say the current inventory situation is the most disruptive event they’ve ever faced. We know the Foureyes products can help, and we want to make it as easy as possible for dealerships to have full access right now.”

    Setup is simple, allowing most dealerships to launch in a matter of days. Then, Safety Net runs entirely in the background, monitoring phone calls, forms, and chats to ensure all sales-qualified leads are logged in the CRM. If leads are missing, Safety Net automatically logs them and provides visibility into problem areas. Auto dealerships who sign up for the Safety Net free trial can use it for 30 days to navigate the challenges ahead. 

    Known for its patented technology that collects user-level data to improve the sales experience, Foureyes increasingly offers free trials of their products. “We started offering free trials during COVID because we thought making our products available at no cost was the right thing to do,” said David Steinberg. “And that experience convinced me that seeing and experiencing novel technology is the best way to drive transformation. When dealerships can see how Foureyes works with their sales process, they value it far more than if they listen to anyone talk about it.”

    With the free access to Safety Net, car dealers can:

    • Protect long-term sales: Ensure every customer gets into the CRM to surface opportunities now or when inventory returns. 
    • Improve the customer experience: Overcome process breakdown with auto lead logging and detailed lead summaries for forms, chats, and phone calls. 
    • Capture bought-and-paid-for leads: Surface missed opportunities before they slip away without requiring time or attention.

    Auto dealerships can get Foureyes Safety Net free for 30 days by enrolling online before October 31, 2021. To learn more about Foureyes sales intelligence software, businesses can schedule a demo or contact Foureyes at (888) 827-9752. 

  • Foureyes and Adpearance, Portland-based sister companies working in sales enablement and marketing, raised $10 million from a strategic family office to bolster the companies’ flexibility and ability to invest in growth.

    Co-founder and CEO David Steinberg said the companies, which are growing 83% year-over-year, have a different take on raising capital than most tech companies. “It’s a myth that money buys execution. We’ve always managed our access to capital very well and that’s allowed us to achieve a great valuation with minimal dilution. We have no desire to be a runway company in continual financing mode. The money allows us some optionality in our product roadmap but we are keeping our heads down and will continue to build great products. ” 

    Foureyes is a data and sales intelligence software company helping businesses sell better without distracting salespeople. Adpearance is a digital marketing company focused on sales outcomes. Together the companies support more than 1,700 customers in automotive, powersports, and heavy equipment. 

    Key to helping the companies succeed is their ability to address problems that are typically siloed into marketing or sales. Aaron James, Co-founder and President of Adpearance, said, “Pretty early in our history, we realized that people were paying Adpearance for marketing services, but expected sales outcomes. It’s why we invested so much of our early profits to build Foureyes. Now our combination of technology and service uniquely delivers what business leaders expect.”

    Adpearance, founded in 2008, has 91 employees and is hiring. Foureyes, founded in 2016, has 106 employees and is also hiring

    “More than any investor, our employees are building the value of our companies,” said Steinberg. “Aaron and I have always believed that employees deserve a share of what they’re building. It’s why we designed our Employee Participation Plan in 2013 to formally give a significant percentage of the company to our employees. Being able to make that feel more real for our staff is probably what I’m most excited about with this capital raise.”  

    About Foureyes

    Foureyes sales intelligence software helps businesses track, protect, engage, and sell better. For more information, visit

    About Adpearance

    Adpearance is the digital marketing company obsessed with generating quality leads. Businesses can learn more about Adpearance by requesting a free digital analysis, calling (971) 352-8088, or visiting


  • Omni-Tracking
    Make smarter sales and marketing decisions when you know who your leads are and where they come from. Track every form, chat, and phone call with our patented user-level website tracking. Let Omni-Tracking be the eyes and ears of your sales process....

  • See real contacts, not just numbers. Foureyes Omni-Tracking lets your dealership see exactly who your leads are and where they came from. Take the guesswork out of your sales process. 

    Remove all sales blindness for phone leads with Foureyes' patented, dynamic call tracking technology. Foureyes Omni-Tracking ties your phone leads to their website activity. This means, when a lead calls your dealership, we'll show you everything they've been looking at online.

    And we don’t stop there. Our website tracking technology helps your dealership understand every website visitor and their interests. With detailed web analytics, lead attribution, and CRM integration you can spend your hard-earned marketing budget more effectively. 

  • Prospect Enagement
    Are you ready to experience the best in automotive sales follow-up? Foureyes Prospect Engagement provides every lead with personalized offers and inventory-specific recommendations, automatically. See the results for yourself with a free 60-day trial!...

  • It’s time to personalize and automate your dealership’s follow-up.  Foureyes Prospect Engagement is the prospect handling software that shows you what your customers are shopping for and sends automatic, personalized emails to follow up with those shoppers. Even if leads go cold or change their inventory interest, you’ll always deliver a high-quality customer experience. 


    With Foureyes Prospect Engagement, you’ll send personalized emails at scale, automatically engage customers based on their inventory interests, and ensure confidence in your sales process. But why take our word for it? See the results for yourself and start your free 60-day trial of Prospect Engagement today! No auto-renewal or strings attached, just see the magic of Foureyes for yourself.
  • Safety Net
    Make your sales process invincible with Foureyes Safety Net. Our lead protection tool runs in the background on your website to ensure every customer gets into your CRM, prevent leaks in your sales process, and protect long-term sales....

  • In today’s market, it’s more important than ever that your dealership’s sales process is dialed in. Foureyes Safety Net captures every lead automatically, so you can get back to what you do best-- selling. 

    Foureyes Safety Net is the lead logging software you never knew you needed. It’s the tool that runs in the background on your website to make sure every customer gets into your CRM, every time. Safety Net keeps track of every lead and their activity so you’re ready for future sales.

    Foureyes give you the tools to protect customer relationships until inventory comes back, and even better? You can try Foureyes Safety net completely free for 30 days. Start your free 30-day trial today!

  • Sales Enablement
    Boost your sales team's performance. Turn website activity into lead intelligence to improve your close rate. Spot new deals, improve follow-up, and take your sales team to the next level with Foureyes Sales Enablement....

  • Make selling cars the easiest part of your job with Foureyes Sales Enablement. Our lead sales intelligence technology helps you prioritize appointments, focus customer targeting, and sell better. With Sales Enablement you get lead flagging, priority lead lists, and much more! 

    Turn website activity into lead intelligence to improve your close rate. Spot new deals, improve follow-up and take your sales team to the next level. Sales Enablement is the sales opportunity spotting technology your dealership needs to transform from good to great. 

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