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Maximizing Dealer Profits with OEM level scans provides Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal for Car Dealers. It also provides used Vehicle Inspection services for retail & corporate clients nationwide.

The company's solution delivers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level OBD diagnostic accuracy via a smartphone & pocket-sized Bluetooth OBD scanner. 

Launched in 2020, Chicago-based is backed by Red Fort Capital, a $1.2 billion private equity firm and S&P investment-grade finance company Parry Singh founded in 2003.

 Press Releases

  •, the world’s most comprehensive mobile OEM Level vehicle diagnostics & valuation systems company, announces a new addition to its Diagnostic and Appraisal System. With the recent updates, the App provides a detailed description of the error codes - potentially failed components & labor costs to repair the diagnostic error.  
    The systems accuracy is equal to any in the professional automotive repair market. continues to make substantial strides in helping Automotive Dealers - protect profits and eliminate loss.  


    Customer Feedback: “’s Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal System is the ultimate tool for car dealers to buy right, so we can “sell better” – eliminating costly mistakes of hidden OBD codes” 


    Smart Diagnostics lead to better Appraisal: This additional service – Patterned Component Failure will be included in the dealer’s current diagnostics and appraisal subscription package. The repair cost estimation will help dealers identify lower-risk vehicles and improve their gross profit. 


    90%+ diagnostics efficiency: provides generic & proprietary codes with a detailed description across all brands. Combined with’s existing technology, this addition will make diagnosing and estimating the repairs more effortless than ever before.  


    ABOUT CARDR.COM, INC., an automotive technology company, provides industry-leading software, hardware, and services for vehicle valuation and inspection. The company’s Vehicle Diagnostic & Appraisal Application delivers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accuracy appraisal data via a smartphone and pocket-sized Bluetooth onboard diagnostic (OBD) scanner. The App generates vehicle diagnostics, inspection reports, reliability ratings and fair market valuations within minutes. Launched in 2020, Chicago-based is backed by Red Fort Capital, a $1.2 billion private equity firm Parry Singh founded in 2003. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-932-1120. 


  • Vehicle OEM Diagnostics & Appraisal Solutions Vehicle Diagnostics & Appraisal System provides OEM level diagnostics in 2-4 minutes that reads 90%+ diagnostic codes which can save thousands of dollars. App provides real-time integrations with Manheim MMR, KBB, JD Power, Black Book, Carfax...

  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Appraisal System is an essential tool that will inform dealers of Diagnostics Trouble Codes with our integrated Bluetooth OBD Device that reads at the OEM level. This is an innovative appraisal tool built by dealers for dealers 


    Key Benefits for Dealers 


    Lightning-Fast Diagnostics: We provide OEM level diagnostics in 2-4 minutes  


    Hidden Codes uncovered: Do you want to read codes on vehicles, whether they have been deleted? can do that for you. 


    Cost Savings and Maximize Profit: can save you thousands of dollars by detecting codes that require $1000+ to repair 


    Printable Report for negotiation: You can print a customer view which can be used as a negotiation tool showing harmful codes diagnosed  


    Accountability: Each appraisal report shows the name of the appraiser bringing accountability  


    Leading Integration Partners: App provides seamless real-time integrations with Manheim MMR, Kelly Blue Book, JD Power, Black Book, Carfax & AutoCheck 

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