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RepairPal: the largest auto repair network!

Increase your fixed operations business with RepairPal! 80% of consumers stop using dealers post warranty, and the problem is price and transparency. Consumers believe dealers overcharge and that they can't get a good cost estimate upfront.  We have the solution:


Increase conversion, loyalty, and retention: RepairPal builds trust with consumers through a stringent certification process to reinforce trust and credibility. RepairPal Certified is the standard for high quality and fair prices.

Convert More Customers: Increase same day sales, reduce discounting, and build confidence with your customers by leveraging the RepairPal Certified brand and assets in your marketing. 

Attract New Customers: 4+ million monthly users visit searching for trusted repair. Reach owners you don't know in your PMA, and expand that reach with optional RepairPal partners.



Crush Negative Price Perception

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  • RepairPal Races Into 2022 Crossing 3,000 RepairPal Certified Repair Locations, Delivering Over 

    $10 Million in Revenue Share to Partners, and Adding New Leadership to Scale

    January, 25th, 2022- RepairPal, America’s largest trusted auto repair network, just passed 3,000 RepairPal Certified repair locations nationwide.  To become RepairPal Certified, each auto repair shop and dealership undergoes a rigorous certification process guaranteeing high-quality repairs at fair prices, backed by a strong repair warranty.

    Over 60 companies including USAA, CarMax, Consumer Reports and Hum by Verizon refer their members and customers to RepairPal Certified locations.  Not only do these companies help their customers get great repairs at fair prices, but they also gain revenue share from RepairPal. 

    Toward the end of 2021, RepairPal launched RepairPal Certified for dealers which has grown quickly to over 70 rooftops today.  RepairPal Certified dealers are experiencing huge increases in Fixed Ops business.  Starting in 2022, the company is also launching new consumer offerings that complement the repair experience to better serve the 4 million unique visitors to each month.

    To fuel its growth, RepairPal recently added considerable talent to its leadership team:

    • Eric Dingus joined as VP Product after developing transformative auto mobility solutions for Automatic Labs (acquired by SiriusXM) and Verizon.
    • Darrin Baum joined as VP Sales after being SVP/GM running Zep’s Vehicle Care business including ArmorAll, Rain-X, and Black Magic in commercial car care markets.
    • Landon Miller joined as VP Customer Success managing RepairPal’s shop network after being Head of Customer Success at Resolve Systems which automates IT operations.
    • Ryan Hamilton joined and is running Dealer Sales after a dozen years at and building nationwide field sales at an AI automotive marketing technology company.
    • Kathleen Long was recently promoted to Chief Revenue Officer running Business Development, partnerships, and new consumer services.
    • Arpan Dalal recently joined the executive team running Engineering after 3 successful years at RepairPal and having formerly been VP Engineering at Plantt and Zap Labs.

    “This is an amazing period of scaling for RepairPal,” says Art Shaw, RepairPal’s CEO.  “People own cars longer than ever. Yet when their cars need repair, they’re fearful of bad quality or over-priced repairs. So, they seek advice from friends and family who rarely know what’s actually going on with their cars and at local repair shops.  Whether you’re looking for a high quality independent or a fair-priced dealer, RepairPal is the place to help.” Art Shaw, CEO at RepairPal

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