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United States

Create | Syndicate | Automate

AutoSigma helps dealerships and their agency partners create, update, and automate their marketing offers and specials.

With AutoSigma:

  • Be first to market with the new marketing offers every, single, time. 
  • Maintain a reliably consistent message across all platforms including:
    • Dealership website
    • Google ads
    • Facebook ads
    • Google my business
    • & more
  • Save thousands in related expenses. 

Features Include:

  • Build in specials manager
  • Built in drag & drop visual editor (build endless assets)
  • Manage complicated compliance easily
  • & more

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 Press Releases

  • Kutztown, PA: AutoSigma, Inc. has announced the launch of its digital asset management platform (DAM), built specifically for car dealers and automotive advertising agencies. AutoSigma is the first DAM of its kind built exclusively for car dealerships. AutoSigma helps dealers and their agency partners create, update, and deploy their marketing assets at scale through the use of its integrated offer management platform, drag and drop design editor, and content syndication engine.


    “We’re extremely excited to be able to offer a solution like AutoSigma to help dealers and their agency partners streamline their go-to-market process, which is historically a very tedious, labor-intensive activity that while important, is not a great use of the time and resources of those involved.”, says Matthew Strunk, CEO at AutoSigma. “Once dealers and agencies are able to recapture their time and financial resources by integrating AutoSigma into their workflows, they’re able to reallocate that time and money in a more meaningful and impactful way for their organization.”


    The key benefits of AutoSigma include:

    • First to market advantage 
    • Reliable consistency and elimination of human error 
    • Significant cost and time savings
    • Improved conversion rates
    • Tier ½ compliant assets at your fingertips

    AutoSigma’s digital asset management platform will be available starting 3/10/2022 and will be offered at NADA with special promotions... For more information on AutoSigma, visit 


    About AutoSigma: AutoSigma is a Veteran owned company, founded in early 2021 by automotive professionals with the sole purpose of helping dealers sell more while spending less. AutoSigma’s p digital asset management platform leverages proprietary technology to remove inefficiencies that exist in common marketing processes allowing dealers & their agency partners to focus on what matters most.


    For inquires please contact :

    Matthew Strunk 



 Additional Info

This company does business in International markets.