Total Customer Connect

Las Vegas,  NV 
United States

Because Results Matter

Total Customer Connect's (TCC) programs deliver a premium customer experience for those ready to buy and vehicle owners ready for service.

​TCC is the trusted Revenue-Enhancement Company for the retail automotive industry and is specifically designed to increase opportunities and enhance service processes.​

With our call center services, custom marketing campaigns, state of the art pricing menus, electronic route sheet, tablet-friendly MPI tool, and DMS-driven reporting tools, TCC guarantees improved profitability in your dealership service drive.

 Show Specials

  • Take a demo at our booth and be entered into our daily raffle for a iPad / Air Pods Pro / Bose ear buds. Sign up for a TCC service within 30 days of the show and receive 50% off configuration and training fee's for Service Connect and setup configuration fee's *waived for marketing services and call center services.

    *(excludes DMS set up fee's or data purchase)


  • BDC Services
    BDC Cloud Software for your own BDC or use TCCs 3 U.S. owned and operated calls centers....

  • Human touch still is the most effective way to reach out to your customers even in the age of Digital Marketing. Show your customers that you care and allow our professionally trained and USA based call agents to:

    • Call your inactive database and recovering your lost souls
    • Follow their visits with a CSI call
    • Reach out to the customers with an open recalls
    • Remind them of their service appointment 
    • Back up your BDC to answer the overflow calls to ensure all customers get to a live human being every time and all the time

    A BDC without a plan and way to measure success is just overhead. Turn your BDC into a measurable profit center with the aid of the same proprietary software as TCC uses to run its nationwide call centers. With this software:
    • Queue call jobs for the BDC 
    • Upload custom lists from the OEM
    • ​Monitor daily performance of the staff on number of calls made, and results, to ensure success
    • Monitor appointments booked vs kept ratio
    Also, agents will have easy access to the following:
    • Customers service history
    • Customers contact history
    • Previously declined services
  • Customer for Life
    Keep Your Customers For Life. Marketing communications sent at the right time....

  • For a one-time fee of $4.95 TCC will create personal web pages for each customer to allow them to have access to all necessary information such as: scheduled maintenance, recalls, service history and declined services. 
    TCC will also communicate with the customers at the right time and with the right message for at least 18 months after the automobile purchase or as long as your dealership is an active customer. These communications include:
    • Event Driven Campaigns: These campaigns are designed to communicate with the customer based on an action taken by the customer.
    • Time Sensitive Campaigns: These campaigns are designed to communicate with the customers based on an exact timeline or time lapse.
    • Ad-hoc Campaigns: These campaigns are designed to communicate with all or a segment of the customers to invite them to the dealership to increase revenue.
  • Marketing Services
    Digital marketing that is tailored to your needs. Inactive recapture, retention, declined follow up, new customer welcome and much more. Consistent A/B testing is used to maximize your marketing budget....

  • Retention marketing is not “one and done”. It requires  consistent monitoring and A/B testing of different communication types and message contents for  different parts of your database.
    You can only move the needle by constantly monitoring  the true effectiveness of each campaign compared to a control group.Retention marketing is not “one and done”. It requires
    consistent monitoring and A/B testing of differentcommunication types and message contents for different parts of your database.You can only move the needle by constantly monitoring the true effectiveness of each campaign compared to a control group.
  • Service Connect
    Fixed Operations service software....

  • How many screens does your advisor have open at any given time? Does all of the software they use to do their job communicate with one another in real time, including the DMS?* ServiceConnect offers a single point login to a software suite that offers online scheduling, touchless check, service lane write up, OEM menus, recall look up, multipoint inspection, text messaging and bill pay.

 Additional Info

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