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Widewail is Your Partner in Online Engagement

Get more reviews, address customer feedback with customized on-brand responses from our team and improve your online reputation. Widewail builds trust between businesses and the communities they serve while increasing conversion rates via invaluable social proof. More than 2,000 locations across the US rely on Widewail's product suite to optimize and manage their reputation, curate customer reviews, generate video testimonials and respond to online interactions on review and social sites.

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  • (Feb 15, 2022)

    A NADA exclusive offer, get any Widewail product for the first month free when purchased at the show. 

    *Offer excludes BMW, MINI, and Lexus dealers. If interested, ask about Widewail's OEM program arrangements.


  • Widewail Invite
    Get more reviews on Google, Facebook, and automotive-specific review sites with Invite and Invite Video. Automatically send SMS-based review requests to all of your customers, post-transaction....

  • Widewail's Trust Marketing Platform is powering the online reputation for 5 of the top 25 dealer groups and 2,000+ rooftops in the US. On average, Widewail clients have a 4.6 rating and generate 50 new customer reviews a month.

    With Widewail Invite, and our recently released Invite Video, you can build trust in your local community, get more reviews, raise your star rating, rank higher in local search, and convert more shoppers who view your reviews into prospects that contact your dealership.

    Encouraging more of your happy customers to share their opinions on 3rd-party review pages is the single most impactful thing a dealer can do on an ongoing basis to improve local search rankings and conversion rates.

    Widewail Invite is integrated with major automotive data providers:

    • CDK Global
    • DealerTrack
    • VinSolutions
    • DealerVault
    • DealerBuilt
    • Rome Technologies
    • Revolution Parts
    • CIECA
    • CCC

    Additional features:

    • Each SMS request is personalized with the customer name and sales representative name, automatically generated via your DMS
    • Widewail is the first reputation management provider to be integrated with The Campaign Registry, ensuring your review requests are not marked as spam or blocked by mobile networks.

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    Widewail's CEO and founder is a veteran of the automotive industry. While we now serve multiple verticals, our solutions were originally created with dealerships in mind and their feedback/needs continue to be a guiding force as the company moves forward. 

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