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My Dealer KPI - provides instantaneous KPI data.

MyDealerKPI was developed by a dealer, for dealers, as an essential tool to have Key Performance Indicator figures readily available to keep dealerships running at their peak performance. At the click of a button, you will have access to a plethora of modules to view, track, and project the performance of your dealership, as well as individual associates, across all departments.

My Dealer KPI ‘Dashboard’ provides instantaneous data from all of your main “need to know” from Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, GL Accounts and your Finacial Statment categories: 

Sales and  F&I Dashboard, Sold Units, Gross, Reserve, Tracking, CIT, Dealer Trades, Lease Returns, Roles Comparison, F&I Statistics, F&I Variance, CIT, Deals in F&I, CSI, Customer Concerns, We Owe/Due Bill and so much more.

Service and Parts Dashboard, Utilized Op-Codes, Advisor Performance Report, Technician Performance Report, Service Scheduler, Parts Inventory, (SOP) Special Order Parts and so much more

Imagine having the up-to-date figures to these important items, at a glance, just by logging in and having it at your fingertips, all on one screen with My Dealer KPI.

Please sign up for a demo of our product and/or stop by our booth #4419 for an on-demand demo and get entered in for a chance to win $500. We are giving away $500 each day of the show!

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