Hercules Systems, Inc.

Huntington Station,  NY 
United States

Generate Profits & Improve Customer Retention!

With over 50 years of experience and providing systems throughout the world, Hercules Systems has become one of the largest car wash manufacturing companies in the world. We make a full line of systems to accommodate car dealerships, ambulance & bus companies, municipalities, and private residences. Dealerships that install a Hercules System save appr. 1 hour in new car delivery, reduce labor cost and generate $1,000’s of dollars per month, turning the wash bay into a profit center. Dealerships find that using a Hercules System dramatically improves their bottom line and productivity.

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  • (Jan 03, 2023)

    Receive 50% of the delivery & installation of a

    new Hercules Vehicle Wash, Wax & Sealant System!


  • The Hercules 6000 Wash, Wax and Sealant System
    The Hercules 6000 is the quickest and most powerful system on the market....

  • Benefits of Hercules 6000

    1. Up-sell the wax/seal option and generate thousands in additional profit
    2. Increase CSI scores
    3. Save on labor
    4. Wash, wax, and seal over 100 vehicles per day
    5. Save approximately 1 hour on new car delivery
    6. Clean all customer service cars
    7. Maintain your pre-owned vehicles and front-line inventory with a shine

    Features of Hercules 6000

    1. Wash, wax and seal a vehicle in minutes
    2. Accommodates any size vehicles, including oversized vehicles
    3. 20-year warranty
    4. Guarantee NO damage to vehicles
    5. Spot-free rinse- eliminates towel drying
    6. Easily maintain the system in less than 15 minutes per month
    7. Patented system designed to drive profits and improve customer retention

 Additional Info

This company does business in international markets.