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TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, public automotive groups, and rental companies worldwide. Our solutions are used across 88 countries and six continents. Every day we help over 8,000 dealerships and 2,500 car rental companies improve their operations. Many of the metrics, operational patterns, and subsidy patterns used in the industry today were created by the TSD team.

For more information on getting started with TSD, contact sales@tsdweb.com or visit www.tsdweb.com.

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    TSD DEALER is our cloud-based, connected dealer solution that rises above the rest. Whether you have courtesy cars, rental cars, shuttles or a shared fleet, our technology gives you the versatility needed to manage your operation with ease.

  • Features & Benefits of TSD DEALER:

    • Native Mobile App: Discover our complete mobile experience with license scanning and insurance card capture.
    • Tolls & Violations: Recover thousands of dollars in toll violations and fees. Automate your dealership process today
    • Direct Telematics: Set up geo-fence parameters to receive notifications when vehicles travel outside an area. 
    • Going Contactless: Improve your customer’s experience by using contactless agreements via text or email. 
    • Fuel Recovery: Get accurate fuel readings to the fraction. Recoup all fuel costs by charging only for the replacement fuel.
    • Rates & Reservations: Take online reservations through your dealership website channels: the corporate website and web-schedulers.
    • Pickup & Delivery: Bring your dealership directly to your customer’s driveway with delivery and collection.
    • Credit Cards: Integrate credit card processing to charge for fuel, tolls, cleaning fees, and other incidentals.
    • Reporting: Run reports to understand your length of loan, utilization, and revenue per unit.

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