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Atlanta,  GA 
United States

Complete consumer lifecycle marketing solutions.

Our company was founded as a direct mail agency in 2005. Now we provide over 1,200 dealerships with fully omnichannel lifecyle marketing solutions, still using the same audience-first approach. We help dealerships create frictionless experiences for their customers with increased personalization across digital, streaming, direct and telephony marketing.

Our 4-core solutions are Drive Dynamic Video, Equity Plus, Atom Service Retention, and Recapture 3.0. Each solution works to deliver a unique message to the right customers or prospect at the right time on the right channel(s)

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  • Core 4 Solutions
    Our core 4 solutions incorporate all personalized marketing channels including online video, streaming video, lifecycle sales, lifecycle service, digital, social, direct, telephony marketing....

  • A strategic collection of marketing solutions that allows dealershipss to tell their story from start-to-fnish and track every consumer action, engagement, transaction and journey in real-time. Each solution amplifies the results of the other. 

    Drive Dynamic Video Platform: Our award-winning streaming video platform generates dynamic offers custom to each audience in your database and CRM as well as industry leading in-market, pre-market and VIN owner prospective audiences.

    Recapture 3.0: The industries leading identity graph helps dealers create first-party audiences from non-converting website traffic. Each lost-shopper recieves a custom personalized offer for sales, service, and custom vehicle trade-in amounts based on their current vehicle and on-site recorded customer journey. 

    Atom Lifecycle Marketing: The most advanced service retention and reactivation lifecycle marketing platform built to increase customer loyalty through time and mileage-based email, direct mail, text, digital and social communications. 

    Equity Plus: The industries fasted growing, fully-inbound equity mining solution provides dealers the ability to communicate with positive equity, expiring lease, High-APR, Prime/Subprime credit, or even lost CRM prospects with customized vehicle upgrade offers through email, direct mail, BDC outreach, Personalized microsites, and social media providing an average cost per acquisition of $143 per vehicle.

    If you are looking complete front-to-back consumer lifecycle marketing solution, come to booth #1311. We’re not just changing how to reach consumers through personalized messaging, we’re changing the way consumers shop and then buy. Introducing dealers and consumers to a new kind of marketing.

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