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More than a marketplace, your partner in success

ACV is more than a simple online marketplace for wholesaling vehicles. What started as a platform to buy and sell cars has evolved into a dynamic, digital partner for not only franchise and independent dealerships, but remarketers including OEM, captive finance, and rental companies. From sourcing to selling, and everything in between, ACV helps dealers win by providing robust data that helps acquire core inventory, manage vast assets, merchandise and market vehicles, and wholesale cars. Whether you are looking for a streamlined 20-minute auction or need creative ways to improve the customer experience, ACV is your dedicated teammate in success by providing trust and transparency in every aspect of automotive retail. 


Drive your Dealership to the Next Level


  • ACV Capital
    ACV Capital is a total financing solution. Whether buying or selling wholesale vehicles, ACV Capital has an expanding portfolio of solutions to fit anyone’s needs.

  • ACV Capital is a full-service financing solution for your dealership. It helps you get paid as soon as your vehicle sells in an ACV Auction by leveraging Accelerate by ACV Capital. No waiting on cleared titles or payment processing to receive your funds. On top of that, Advantage by ACV Capital allows you to spend less time with your funds tied up. Purchase the inventory you need now, without paying until the title is received. Plus, you can know your inventory costs upfront with transparent and straightforward Floorplan options from ACV Capital. Financing is made simple and convenient with Fixed Plus financing, with a fixed initial term followed by the flexibility of an optional daily extension. It’s everything you need.
  • ACV Private Marketplaces
    Be the leader of your own marketplace. Leverage ACV’s already trusted inspections and fully customize your auction: you choose the buyers, the fees, and the days....

  • Take control of your own auction today with Private Marketplaces by selling vehicles to a set of dealers you choose. Leverage ACV’s already trusted inspections and fully customize your auction: you choose the buyers, the fees, and the days of the auction. Every Private Marketplace is filled with vehicles that have been inspected using ACVs trusted condition reports with a multitude of inspection points so your dealers can bid with confidence. Keep your inventory within your family of rooftops. Make sure the right vehicle is getting to the right store for maximized resale profit.

  • AMP & Virtual Lift
    AMP brings you the ability to listen to a vehicle’s engine from anywhere. Get the intimate details of every noise directly from the palm of your hand while also being able to virtually view the undercarriage without lifting a finger....

  • ACVs condition reports include industry-leading technologies with AMP and VIrtual Lift that provide unparalleled visibility into every vehicle inspected. These solutions allow for informed purchases driven by in-depth vehicle condition reports. Listen to the engine with AMP, our cutting-edge Audio Motor Profile tool that captures a high-quality recording of the engine so you can listen from the comfort of your desk before placing a bid. See the whole picture with Virtual Lift™️ The days of climbing under a car or waiting to put it up on a lift to see the undercarriage are over. Our groundbreaking Virtual Lift Technology provides a high-definition image of the vehicle's undercarriage so you know exactly what you're bidding on…with no lift required.

  • Drivably
    Drivably helps move used vehicles efficiently, to the right dealerships and markets. It enables dealers to get the right vehicles at the right price for their businesses while enabling consumers to get the most value for their cars....

  • The customizable trade-in tool is added directly to a dealer's website and can be configured to blend seamlessly into their existing branding to bring effortless customizations. Dealers have the ability to calibrate their offers to suit their business needs. And consumers are able to easily find their value by VIN, License Plate, or Year/Make/Model, while also getting easy-to-understand questions that result in accurate condition assessments.

  • Live Appraisal
    Live Appraisal is the most trusted and transparent way for your customer to find the true value of their trade-in vehicle....

  • Using a True360 Vehicle Condition Inspector and condition report, your customers will find buyers nationwide who are ready to bid on their trade-ins. Once the auction is over, it’s the customer's choice to accept the final bid and take the offer…it’s that simple. Add transparency to the trade-in process & build trust with your retail customers.

  • MAX Inventory
    From analyzing millions of VINs daily to including OEM window stickers, no other inventory management tool has better data than MAX Inventory. MAX Inventory provides end-to-end visibility of your entire pre-owned retail operations process....

  • MAX Inventory arms you with the largest, most accurate dataset in the industry to acquire the highest potential inventory ready to price right. 

    • Cost-to-market appraisal tool leverages data on millions of VINs daily to provide the most accurate market comparisons based on model, make, trim, mileage, and equipment

    • Mine your dealership’s sales history directly from your DMS at the store and group level to build core inventory that you can sell most profitably 

    • Advanced stocking tools market area preferences to help you source your hottest-selling vehicles

    • Drill down to specific equipment and packages, precisely match trim levels, access MSRP and original OEM package information (e.g., Sport, Tech, Cold Weather)—so you can determine the fairest and most competitive price for every vehicle

    • Industry-leading pricing with DMS write-back and internet pricing updates that keep you OEM-pricing compliant

    • Add new car campaigns to batch reprice with a few clicks 

  • MAX Merchandising
    Build trust and transparency with customers by proving the value of your inventory online and in the showroom....

  • MAX Merchandising manages the entire process of getting vehicles online, as fast as possible, with all the information that customers are looking for. Destroy your competitors with the fastest time to market.

    • Take pictures and upload them directly to their online listings

    • Manage and select equipment option packages that differentiate a vehicle on desktop or mobile device

    • Create and print window stickers for new and used inventory 

    • Automatically syndicate vehicle listings to over 300 websites, all dealership websites, and many more


    When a customer arrives at your dealership, MAX Merchandising equips your sales team with the information they need to answer questions on the fly and put them into a position to sell!

    • Fast, intuitive search allows you to find exactly what the customer is interested in

    • Validate your sales price through third-party comparisons, provide original MSRP on OEM packages, vehicle history reports, and more to support total value

    • Provide detailed Value Reports to customers and capture contact data in your CRM

    • Business Development Centers can virtually show off every vehicle detail online which will engage your customers to set up an appointment

  • Monk
    Monk's innovative AI vehicle inspections allow consumers to self-inspect their vehicles with a guided experience, anywhere at any time....

  • Monk utilizes the learnings of millions of previous photos and vehicle inspections to enhance its AI. A user-friendly experience allows customers to complete the photo-guided self-inspection confidently. Data capture specifications can be customized for individual dealer needs. Damages can be detected at the pixel level, meaning no damage is left undetected. Each inspection results in a fully automated condition report within seconds.
  • S.A.M.
    Bid intelligently with ACV’s Smart Acquisition Manager (S.A.M.). Never miss out on a vehicle again by using this focused solution that helps you quickly source core inventory....

  • S.A.M. is an easy-to-use solution that helps leverage technology to assist you in sourcing core inventory. Intelligent bidding on vehicles means that you get the right cars at the right price. With S.A.M., you have the ability to set the exact specifications and details for the vehicles you want. Then, you get notified when the desired car is available on the platform and goes live. You get to set everything from price, to transport cost, to the exact condition of the vehicle while only receiving notifications for the cars that fit your exact needs. S.A.M. is your dedicated buying agent that operates on robust data based on your personal needs.

  • True360
    True360 is the only unbiased, 3rd party inspection for providing the true cosmetic and structural condition of a used vehicle....

  • True360 Reports protect your brand and reduce liability, allowing you to sell in complete confidence. It helps you maximize your used car inventory as True360 is the only unbiased, 3rd party inspection for providing the true cosmetic and structural condition of a used vehicle. As a result, users can supercharge digital retailing as a True360 inspection on your used inventory and adding the True360 weblink to your VDP will boost your digital retail. Only True360 can link directly with CARFAX and AutoCheck to neutralize accident or damage history, allowing customers to purchase accident vehicles in complete confidence. On top of that, True360 can perform an inspection on a non-accident vehicle to showcase its cosmetic integrity.

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