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The leading conversational commerce platform.

TruVideo provides the transparency customers want and the convenience they expect.

Eliminates Doubt & Builds Trust

TruVideo is a conversational commerce platform that uses text and video to help dealerships understand buyer behavior and drive customer engagement. By using smart lines to offer things like streamlined service inspections, sales walk-arounds, outbound marketing campaigns, estimates, approvals, and payments, dealerships can gain buyer insight at the lowest point of the sales funnel. To better serve the customer and drive customer experience and revenue, TruVideo believes dealers and OEMs should control these smart lines to own and curate their data. Through these lines, dealers and OEMs can send personalized videos and messages, respond quickly with a user interface, and be provided real-time data on utilization, customer engagement, and customer sentiment to help drive revenue and increase CSI scores. For more information on how video impacts our industry, please read our Return on Video Investment (ROVI) report here.

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Why TruVideo


  • 1. TruService
    TruService allows customers to see and understand the results of their service inspection....

  • With the TruService platform,  service departments can send personalized videos to clients that show their vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. Customers can watch it at their leisure, process the details, and share it with a friend or confidant. Designed for the transportation industry, the platform offers: streamlined service inspections, estimates,  internal chat,  approvals,  and payments. By finally eliminating the barriers to transparency, shops that use TruVideo improve the entire customer experience and see a 30%  increase in customer pay dollars.  Just one service visit creates trust that used to take years to earn.

  • 2. TruSales
    TruSales enables sales teams to send personalized walkaround videos of vehicles to customers...

  • With the TruSales platform, dealerships can now establish a relationship with a potential buyers before they even step foot onto the lot by virtually responding to leads with a detailed video of the exact car they are interested in buying. With new safety protocols, it is more important than ever to maintain social distance and to conduct more of the car buying process remotely. Video has been proven to improve appointment setting rates, increase show rates, and ultimately positively affect conversion rates to sales. Through consistent use of video in the sales process, dealers have seen a 40% improvement in their leads-to-sales ratio.
  • 3. TruEstimates
    TruEstimates is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows service departments to build and send professional digital quotes....

  • Customers can easily accept recommendations directly from their phone, accelerating response time and reducing technician wait time. Estimates can be populated from a standard, dealer-specific library of items that include OP codes, descriptions and default pricing. Items can also be created on the fly as needed. Combined with video, TruEstimate increases promoted work and empowers the customer to make an informed decision. In addition, any declined recommendations flow into reminders that can be sent to customers as a follow-up.
  • 4. TruPayment
    TruPayment is a secure and convient way for customers to make digital payments....

  • Accepting all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, the final payment amount is sent along with a professional digital invoice highlighting the items purchased during the service visit.  Customers can pay remotely before picking up their vehicle from the service department, eliminating unnecessary contact. All transactions are recorded in the TruPayment system for easy reconciliation and reporting. TruPayment allows service personnel to focus on scheduling the next appointment and making a friend rather than a transaction at the pickup time.
  • 5.TruInspect | Digital EMPI
    TruInspect is a digital multipoint inspection tool for creating a seamless digital inspection process....

  • TruInspect is integrated with the entire TruVideo platform allowing technicians to record inspection information in a color-coded template.  Inspections are automatically shared with the Service Advisor to create a quote or share with the customer. No more stack of papers, just simply scroll on a phone! Digital MPI brings consistency and transparency to the inspection process.
  • 6. TruChat
    TruChat is an internal Messaging Platform for dealers....

  • TruVideo created a mobile and desktop communication solution that allows dealership personnel to send chat messages one-on-one, to a team, or as announcements to the entire dealership. In addition, a chat channel is created for each  Repair Order, so discussions can be automatically segmented around a customer. TruChat reduces the need for inefficient in-person conversations and allows the dealer team to interact and respond more quickly. No longer does dealership staff need to provide their personal mobile phone numbers and email addresses for business communications.  
  • 7. TruReports
    TruReports provides dealerships with real-time analytics on utilization, customer sentiment, and engagement....

  • In addition, the Pulse feature allows dealer management to address customer issues immediately and fix any systemic deficiencies going forward.
    Dealers gain insight into questions like:

    What is the benefit of video on customer pay ROs?
    How much quicker do customers respond to ASRs?
    Would a customer recommend my dealership to a friend?
    TruReports provides easy access to actionable information, allowing dealer personnel to see where they stand, act on deficiencies and respond to issues quickly.
  • 8. TruAcadamy
    TruAcadamy is a custom learning management system to quickly get your team trained and using TruVideo....

  • TruVideo’s LMS (Learning Management System) is an interactive instructional curriculum that will ensure your team knows all the ins-and-out to use the platform. With different courses for Technicians and Advisors/Managers, TruAcademy starts from the basics of logging into TruVideo for the first time and dives into all the best practices and technical know-how of the platform. The animated LMS is entertaining, thorough, and provides real examples of how to effectively use Truvideo. By completing the course, each team member will earn their certification, allowing your team to jumpstart their usage of TruVideo.
  • TruVideo AI Experience
    TruVideo’s AI Experience enhances and amplifies everything people love about our revolutionary video and messaging communication platform, making it easier than ever for service departments to build trust and improve customer experiences....

  • TruVideo’s AI Experience includes features that improve customer communication across every facet of the customer experience:
    • AI Noise Cancellation eliminates the background noises of the service bay by training to the technician’s voice for clean, clear sound.
    • AI Realtime Sentiment feature allows you to understand what your customer is feeling in the moment so you can address small problems before they become big ones.
    • AI Text Pro feature helps Service Advisors who have great customer service skills, but struggle with communicating via text, by providing professional, grammatically correct message suggestions.
    • AI Translations allows you to speak to customers in their own language, no matter what they speak.
    • AI Subtitles gives your customers the ability to watch your videos in a meeting or other noisy environment and respond to you immediately.
    • AI Smart Replies automates common inquiries and provides multiple appropriate replies based on customer needs.

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