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Dealer-Specific Payments & Point of Sale Provider

Dealer Pay is a “Dealer-Specific” payments and Point of Sale provider, offering modern payment acceptance solutions, to dealers, to strealine operations, maximize productivity, increase customer retention and improve overall revenue and profits. Our solutions include Card & ACH/Check processing, Transaction Management, Safe, Rate Optimization, Text/Email Payment Requests, Recurring Payments, Surcharging, Online/Hosted links, DMS integrations w/ RO attachments, Stored Value/Gift, Buy Now/Pay Later, Mobile and Self-Pay Kiosks.  We Love Dealers!

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  • Dealer Pay Launches New Modern Enhancements to Dealership-Specific Payment Acceptance & Point-of-Sale Platform

    Dealer Pay Payment Processing Systems for Dealerships (Graphic: Business Wire)

    ST. LOUIS--()--For over two decades, Dealer Pay has provided payment acceptance and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, exclusively to dealerships. This modern platform is designed to process credit/debit cards, ACH/Check, e-Commerce payments and much more, pushing measurable profit enhancements and departmental efficiencies. Dealers will not only survive, but thrive—by putting the customer at the center of their operations and pursuing new and better ways of doing business. Dealer Pay is positioned now, more than ever, to deliver a more “dealership-wide “experience with proven user-friendly functionality and customer convenience.

    “dealership-wide “experience with proven user-friendly functionality and customer convenience. ”

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    "The convenience factor is a total game-changer. From the service lane to the sales desk, on the lot, or over the phone – anywhere, everywhere – payment transactions that took minutes or more  now take seconds," said Dealer Pay’s customer Dave Wright Nissan Subaru.

    The ongoing development of the platform and the details of each specific process and how it connects with the other, are what gives dealers the advantage.

    Dealer Pay’s “Transaction Management Tool” helps users search, filter, sort, void/refund, receipt, and more, keeping with the highest security standards. Additionally, the detailed reporting and data collection reduces the time spent managing payments. All this robust functionality is controlled through an intuitive interface that is very easy to use.

    Dealer Pay's “Send Payment Request” enables dealers to collect payments directly from the customer via text (SMS) or email. Not only can customers pay how they choose, but it also reduces receivables faster. Recent consumer research revealed that sixty percent of consumers read business text messages within 5 minutes, and thirty-five percent of customers want to pay by text message.

    Leveraging Dealer Pay’s SPR with their DMS-integrated partners, dealers have a solution that sends a copy of the invoice (RO, parts ticket, etc.) to the customer to be authorized with a digital signature. Not only does this streamline the process, and reduce receivables, but it also helps prevent costly chargebacks adding another win in the cost reduction column.

    Leading DMS Dealertrack DMS, AutoMate, DealerBuilt and CDK have validated the importance of Dealer Pay by offering Dealer Pay to their dealership eco-system. The real-time integration (live push and pull of data) reduces the steps (and errors) involved in completing and accounting for transactions. In addition, by linking each transaction to the DMS, Dealer Pay helps the office with their daily batch, creating a simple general ledger post for accounting.

    Hosted links and online payments are available in this POS for a consistent payment experience across payment channels. Safe (known as token storage), combined with Dealer Pay's “Account Updater,” is essential for repeat/business-to-business transactions. Mobile (IOS/Android), recurring payments, digital gift, and stored value features ensure dealers have options for additional revenue opportunities both in and outside the dealership. Dealer Pay makes it faster, easier, more convenient, and less costly for the dealer to get paid.

    Dealer Pay provides dealerships with profit-enhancing solutions, to both include “rate optimization” (Level 2/3) and surcharging (Pay Share) in real time (where customers pay some or all the processing costs). When combined, the savings can be impressive.

    Other features of Dealer Pay’s POS include charity round-up, cash receipts, and dashboard analytics. The entire platform is PCI-DSS and FTC Safeguards compliant, providing Advanced Security Options, including IP filtering, multi-factor authentication, and other internal limits/controls to prevent fraud and loss. While Dealer Pay may not be a CRM or DMS, it combines many these tools together to maximize efficiencies every daily.

    “We are thrilled to release these exciting features knowing that dealerships will inherently improve both business operations and customer satisfaction. We will continue to add new features with the input of our dealer advisory board and current clients. Buy Now, Pay Later, Self-Pay Kiosk/EV, Rewards/Loyalty, and 2-way Communications are just some of the features on deck and coming soon,” explains Dealer Pay CEO and President Julie Douglas.

    Finally, Dealer Pay backs its state-of-the-art platform with industry-leading customer service and dedicated support. They are known and recommended in the industry, with several state endorsements and industry groups. A new year, new member of Women in Automotive and even bigger presence at NADA, Dealer Pay is growing exponentially.

    Visit Dealer Pay at the 2023 NADA EXPO, January 27th – 29th, in Dallas, at Booth # 6938!

    About Dealer Pay

    Dealer Pay provides modern and "dealer-specific" payment acceptance and point-of-sale technology, serving franchise and independent dealers nationwide. Dealer Pay has over 23 years of experience in the space and is expanding with strategic development and integrations. Dealer Pay's parent company, Convenient Brands, is a portfolio company of a New York-based private investment firm, The Beekman Group. Call 800.226.1007 or visit


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  • Dealer Specific Payment Solutions

    Set yourself apart from the competition by
    taking advantage of our complete line-up
    of services: Dealer Pay POS Plus with DMS,
    Pay Share and Moves.


    Credit / Debit Card Brand and Fleet Card Processing · Multi-Processor/Payment Gateways, Mobile & eCommerce Solutions · Interchange Optimization (Level 2/3) · PCI Compliant · Token/Vault Database & Account Updater POINT OF SALE TECHNOLOGY & SOLUTIONS · Hardware Deployment w/ Point-to-Point Encryption · Contact-less (NFC) & Mobile Payment Acceptance · Transaction Management & Reporting Platform · Automated Recurring Engine · Pay Share Custom Surcharge Options · Kiosk Virtual Assistant* · Buy Now Pay Later* · Rewards / Loyalty* · 2-way Communications & Smart Notifications* · Dashboard, Analytics · Bit Pay* / Crypto *COMING SOON CHECK & ACH PROCESSING · ACH, Verification, Guarantee & Collections · Image Capturing (OCR)*


    As dealers are recognizing the value of modernizing payment acceptance in each of their departments, both inside and outside of the dealership, being mobile has become a necessity. Now in addition to all our other dealer-specific solutions, we now can provide mobile payment acceptance on your mobile phone or tablet, using Dealer Pay MOVES. With Dealer Pay MOVES, users in each department can utilize our mobile application, available by IOS or Android, to capture both card present and card not present transactions. Using the same user login for security, sales can be initiated in 3 different ways. First, using your phone or tablet, in combination with a 3-in-1, MagStripe, EWV Chip and NFC Contactless terminal. It can interface by USB, Bluetooth and AudioJack. In addition, users can “key-enter” or scan an image to capture both Card or Check/ACH data directly into Dealer Pay MOVES secure app. Adhering to all of our same security measures, we will also perform address verification (AVS). Dealer Pay MOVES can also initiate a Send Payment Request transaction by text (SMS) or email, allowing the customer to provide their own data or populate using their mobile wallet. Both options allow for text or email receipts, ability to capture digital signatures, as well as search and manage transactions. Since all of the transactions flow through Dealer Pay’s Point-of-Sale solution, your dealership will continue to benefit from all of our payments and reporting functionality.


    All of our dealer-specific solutions are designed to help your dealership increase sales and profits, as well as process payments faster and more secure in each department. Now in addition to offering your customers payment flexibility, we have added a way to increase efficiencies even further. With DMS Integration, users in each department will have the ability to search the DMS in “real time” for open RO#’s, parts tickets, deal numbers and more. From there, they can quickly select the payment type, card or check (card present, send payment request, key-entered, recurring, etc.). These new options that tie Dealer Pay to your DMS will reduce steps and data entry/key-stroke errors, as well as ensure the most effective transaction processing available. And that’s not all. Now you can enjoy Auto Reconciliation! Dealer Pay will match each transaction to the DMS, and any unmatched items will be shown on an exception report (primarily for refunds or credits) and emailed daily for your convenience. Set yourself apart from the competition by taking advantage of our complete line-up of services: Dealer Pay POS Plus with DMS, Pay Share and Moves.

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