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Ford Dealers Only - New Car Inventory Ordering.

Precision is the largest Ford-exclusive inventory ordering company in the US.  With 150+ dealers across the country, including nine #1-in-state, dealers trust us to work through Ford's system, analyze the data and bring in the right inventory to their dealerships. We monitor changing commodities and provide retail support, wholesale calculations, and inventory reports.

When your inventory is the best around, you sell more cars. That's why 95% of dealers stay with us.  

Come to our booth for an inventory analysis. We'll show you how you compare to your competitors and how we can help.

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  • (Jan 06, 2023)
    Dealers who sign up at NADA will receive a 50% discount for 6 months.


  • New Ford and Lincoln Vehicle Ordering
    Precision Inventory saves you time, increases your sales, and grows your bottom line. We order all your stock OTD vehicles and non-OTD vehicles, and provide reports to help you manage your retails, wholesales, and commodity restrictions....

  • Precision Inventory Management handles new vehicle ordering for Ford and Lincoln stores. We've figured out how to deal with Ford's systems and analyze dealership and market sales data to get you what you want and what you need. We help you schedule your retails quickly, take the right allocation in wholesale, and acquire the best vehicles available using our propietary commodity knowledge.

    • Services
      • Fast turn data & VIN data - The data shows us the gaps in your inventory and the gaps in your market. We use that information to build you the fastest turning cars for your dealership.

      • Commodities - Through years of experience and a vision of what's happening all over the country, we know how to avoid the bad commodities and get you an unfair share of the good stuff. Too many dealerships get railroaded because they don't know how to work through the systems.

      • Communication with you - You know your market the best. We value your input and will implement any preferences you provide.

      • Retails - You submit retail orders as usual, and we take it from there. We'll update you weekly with status reports and help resolve any issues holding orders up.

      • Wholesale & Allocation - We provide you wholesale recommendations each month that calculate what you should take based on accurate timing for each vehicle. We take care of the entire OTD process as well.

      • Dealer Trades - We build vehicles that are under stocked in the market. By basic economics, we are capitalizing on short supply, high demand situations. You'll start getting more trade calls from dealers, and we can help you pick what you want to bring back in.

    • About us

      • Experience - We've been ordering new vehicles for Ford and Lincoln stores since 2007. We've seen it all - Ford pushing AFOs, engine constraints, package discounts, inventory reframing, rapid replenishment, OTD, two wholesales, COVP, and more. We know how certain instances impact the data, and we use this experience to build you the right vehicles.

      • Knowledge - In addition to expreience as a General Manager at a dealership, our founder has 11 years Ford region experience. He knows exactly what you're dealing with and how to manage it. At Ford, he saw too many dealers get pummeled by the systems, so he decided to take his knowledge to them and has been helping dealers get back on top since 2007.

      • Precision - Our team has extensive expreience in technology, mathematics, and statistics, and we know how to put that knowledge to use for you. We have built our own systems to minimize mistakes. We never schedule SIMS orders and every order we place is sent straight to you.

    • Pricing

      • Flat monthly rate - we charge a flat monthly rate based on your prior years sales number. We are cheaper than keeping it in house, and we are confident we can do a better job getting the right inventory in for your dealership.

 Additional Info

This company does business in international markets.