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Loaner Fleet Management Made Easy and Affordable

Loaner Fleet Management Made Easy and Affordable

ARSLoaner is the most user friendly, cost effective and full featured loaner car management system on the market today.  Our web based system is easy to use and tracks your fleet including full vehicle, customer, and rental history data. ARSLoaner allows you to easily switch between iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet or desktop to complete your rental forms.  ARSLoaner maintains a complete audit trail of rental history for manufacturer audits. Recover tolls, tickets, fines and seamlessly charge for damage, fuel, mileage etc.


  • ARSLoaner
    ARSLoaner is a highly user-friendly and the most cost-effective loaner management system on the market today offering advanced connected car technology, revenue recovery and a fully mobile platform....

  • Loaner Fleet Management Made Easy and Affordable

    The ARSLoaner Fleet Management System is the most cost effective and user friendly loaner car management system on the market today. Built on a modern web based platform you can track, manage and report on your loaner vehicles with just a few mouse clicks.  Our loaner car system just requires an internet connection and a basic computer.  There is nothing to install, nothing to run at your location and no more expensive insurance forms to order or stock!

    System Functionality

    • OEM brand specific system for Ford, VW, KIA, Honda, etc.
    • Great for dealer owned fleets
    • Can use any custom form your dealership has or use one of ours
    • Tracks vehicle, customer, rental and edit-history data
    • Prints official PDP Group rental forms plus any customer-supplied forms
    • Maintains a complete audit trail of rental history to facilitate a manufacturer audit
    • Robust reservation system including both a grid and list view
    • Custom vehicle and rental fields, including the ability to customize the views displayed
    • Split billing - charging a rental to different departments and reimbursement types
    • A robust reporting dashboard with charts, graphs and reports to track your fleet utilization

    Full Connected Car Technology ($8-$12/month)

    • Real time GPS fleet tracking
    • Integrated Fleet Map
    • Automated check-in records fuel and mileage
    • Automatically charge for fuel and mileage
    • Lot management - never lose a vehicle
    • Out of area alerts via text or email
    • Get alerted when vehicle leaves lot w/o contract
    • Highly configurable geofencing notifications

    Our Advantages

    • 100% RISK FREE TRIAL
    • Switch from other software provides and save 20%+ (guaranteed price savings)
    • One low monthly fee and no contract (cancel whenever you want)
    • No charge per user (add as many users as you want for free!)
    • No setup fees
    • VERY, VERY EASY to use (did we mention easy to use?)
    • Audit friendly - no more manual tracking. The system tracks everything!
    • Reports on/tracks loaner cars assigned to brand specific recalls

    The ARS system was designed by dealers themselves ensuring you have exactly what you need to make your loaner program run efficiently.  The ARS system is 100% cloud based so we manage all the software and hardware for you. The system is written to be very simple yet powerful giving you everything you need to speed up your car loaner process, complete the insurance forms and turn your loaner car program into a source of extra profitability and increased CSI.


    Ford Telematics ® + Preferred FCTP/LCTP Partner The ultimate in Ford and Lincoln fleet management

    ARSLoaner is a Ford and Lincoln Preferred FCTP/LCTP Partner and the first vendor authorized by Ford to offer courtesy management via FordPass and Lincoln Way. By connecting directly to the factory installed modem, ARSLoaner offers your dealership the latest in fleet management technology helping you save both time and money. We couple our leading-edge technology with the lowest pricing in the market to ensure when it comes to Ford or Lincoln courtesy management ARSLoaner is the easy choice.

    The Power of Ford Telematics ®

    • Real time GPS tracking
    • Automatically charge for fuel usage
    • Advanced vehicle health diagnostics
    • Out of bounds alerts and geofencing
    • No plug-in required – no hardware device to buy or lease

    Stop by our booth for a quick demo and signup for a risk-free trial. We guarantee our simple to use system will meet all your loaner car needs saving you time and making you more money. 

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