NS Wash Systems

Inglewood,  CA 
United States

N/S delivers you with reliable washing equipment

Since the 1960s, N/S Corporation has designed wash systems with the latest innovations. We supply many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, and large fleet operations.  Our wide range of fleet wash modules and our decades-long experience is unmatched by any competitor. Each of our systems are designed to meet the demanding needs of fleet wash operators by using corrosion-resistant aluminum for a longer operation life, plus intricate filtration systems to reclaim water and cut utility costs. Equipment Specific to Your Needs

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  • CT-10
    Drive In Back Out Car Wash System...

  • Drive In Back Out Car Wash System is designed for when there is no space for a drive thru tunnel but you need to optimize wash times.

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This company does business in international markets.