DI Squared LLC

Atlanta,  GA 
United States

The Experts in Dealership Data Analytics

DI Squared has been the leading expert in data analytics and visualization since 2008. Our product, Dealership Insights™ , is a leading cloud-based reporting platform for the automotive dealership industry. It has configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to drive visualizations of your dealership data allowing you to gain higher operational efficiency and improve performance. Power by Qlik. Qlik is regularly rated by Gartner as one of the top data visualization and business inteligence (BI) vendor.



  • Dealership Insights
    Dealership Insights™ is a configurable KPI driven visualization solution of your dealerships data using Alerts that guide your dealership profitability – any time, any place, any device!!...

  • This suite of KPI dashboards encompasses all the dealership departments from the Group View level to General Manager views including car sales, service and parts, marketing, CRM and FI.

    Owners’ View of the dealership business is focused typically on a three-year horizon goals and what a dealership will look like in the future based factors success as the introduction of Electric Vehicles and internet shopping and purchasing with no physical dealership type buildings.  We have created uniquely configurable KPI driven dashboards which allows the Owner to view the dealerships from a consolidated financial Group View with drill down to each individual dealerships departments by responsibility and profitability utilizing Alert Driven KPI’s.

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