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Helping commercial dealers maximize opportunities.

Work Truck Solutions® is the smart technology platform that serves the Commercial Vehicle Industry. The end-to-end solutions such as, the national commercial marketplace, and CV Showroom™, the smart digital catalog of commercial vehicles not in stock, connect the dots between commercial vehicle buyers, dealers, manufacturers and upfitters. This innovative technology is the one-stop inventory management, operational analytics, and digital marketing solution that maximizes commercial sales, customer relationships and profitability.

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    With a broad range of co-op eligible packages and solutions designed to meet your needs, you should hear
    how the tools from Work Truck Solutions will put you on the path to success....

  • Tools Package

    In addition to displaying your commercial inventory online, the Tools package offers inventory management and access to VAST (Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool). VAST is the answer to today’s inventory challenges, providing an ever-growing number of sources for work trucks, vans, pickups, and SUVs, via wholesale and auctions. Stay ahead of your competition by finding vehicles others can’t, saving and building your book of business. Plus, by adding EZOrder functionality to your commercial website, you prompt customers to get their orders into the order bank now. 

    Analytics Package

    The Analytics package builds on Tools, adding on-demand access to a suite of actionable reports. If you’ve ever needed your commercial sales stats, you know getting them is easier said than done. Frequently, you have to track down data from several sources, pull it into a spreadsheet, massage it and remove the retail figures before you can even consider acting on the information. However, our CBI (Commercial Business Intelligence) suite of reports does the work for you and puts information at your fingertips, when you need it. Armed with these up-to-date metrics, along with monthly market consultations with your own Dealer Success Coach, you’ll stay on-track with your marketing, sales and inventory management goals.

    Content Package

    The Content package customizes the look and feel of your commercial site, incorporating your dealership’s unique branding and goals. Commercial product, testimonials, upfits, and vocational content drives SEO using custom pages and banners to target specific vocational buyers. And don’t forget about your service department. Reinforce long-term relationships with commercial customers by keeping their vehicles on the road and in good working order through specials on service-specific pages, driving service retention and promoting this great revenue source for your dealership.

    You define your commercial success and we’ll help you get there.

    This national marketplace turbocharges your commercial truck and van sale...

  • Designed With Buyers In Mind

    Comvoy is the only way commercial buyers can shop by body type, vocation, brand, and chassis to support their unique business preferences and needs.

    Unmatched Specifications

    Comvoy listings deliver the information that matters to commercial buyers. All listings provide complete vehicle details, including body and upfit information.

    Leads That Convert

    Since Comvoy buyers know more about the vehicle, they convert both faster and at a higher rate. High-quality leads are essential to fuel your sales team’s progress!

    Endless Possibilities

    Comvoy’s ChassisBuilder and VanBuilder offer commercial buyers a range of options for your unfinished chassis and vans. Commercial buyers can select desired body type, shelving, and accessories which comes to you in your lead and connects you directly to the commercial buyer’s needs.

    Miles Ahead

    Our in-house digital marketing team are the industry experts in how to target the commercial buyers of all types of businesses and vocations. They are continuously adding and updating content designed to educate the business buyer.

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    Display Commercial Inventory Virtually Even When You Don’t Have it in Stock

  • CV Showroom™ serves as your Smart Digital Catalog, and displays the finished vehicles your customers want right on your own website—even when they are not in your on-lot inventory. Although work truck and van shoppers have always been able to order commercial vehicles, closing this type of sale becomes doubly tough if your prospect can’t see what they’re buying. Being able to see vehicles and configuration details in a virtual showroom helps convert shoppers to buyers, despite the inventory shortage dilemma. And in today’s low inventory climate, optimizing a path to pre-sales is critical.

    Customizable User Interface

    CV Showroom is customizable, enabling you to display the specific upfit configurations, upfit brands, and vehicles you want to show. You decide what you want to display; you can even edit text, images, and add a disclaimer. Once a customer clicks on the vehicle they’re interested in, they’re presented with a page displaying images of (virtual) inventory, which they can then order.

    Data-Driven Analysis

    By analyzing historical data, such as average days to turn and prior sales volume of specific upfit configurations, you can further customize your virtual inventory. By doing so, you build a virtual inventory showroom that offers the vehicles most likely to appeal to your customers.

    Enhanced SEO for Your Commercial Website

    Low on-lot inventory levels translate to fewer relevant keywords on your website, resulting in reduced performance with search engines. CV Showroom includes body manufacturers and configuration specs that contribute significant content to your website, restoring keywords and creating tremendous SEO value.

    From CV Showroom to Closing More Deals

    CV Showroom is all about helping customers get the vehicle they need. Each CV Showroom page is optimized to move leads from decision to conversion, and when combined with the EZOrder™ lead capture process, you’ll secure more pre-sales, and build more inventory allocation credit

  • EZOrder™

  • Manage The Demand

    With inventory in short supply, finding and purchasing vehicles is challenging for your commercial customers. EZOrder™ from Work Truck Solutions helps minimize frustration and gets customer orders into the queue NOW. EZOrder shows your customers that you can get their order into the queue if they are not finding what they need from your current on-lot inventory. With the EZOrder lead capture form, your sales team can collect the information needed to get the discussion underway, submit the order and secure the business

    Custom Solutions Available

    Further enhance your commercial presence with custom banners and pages that spotlight your EZOrder functionality with our CONTENT package. With Content, you can customize your EZOrder discovery form, your order flow, and pages that focus on special customers and even trade-ins. Content dealers can also have a customized Vocational Carousel, advanced filters, and vehicle detail pages with everything a buyer wants to know before contacting your dealership. Moving buyers down the sales funnel so you have high-quality commercial leads is what Work Truck Solutions does

    EZOrder helps you move to an order system. Get vehicle orders in the queue, help your customers today AND boost allocation opportunities in the future.

    VAST from Work Truck Solutions is the one-stop shop that offers you access to the work trucks, vans, and pickups your commercial buyers need....

  • Looking for Vehicles in all the Right Places

    Friction. It’s definitely part of the commercial vehicle sales process today. Business buyers need work trucks to keep their operations running. However, finding those vehicles is a challenge, leading to frustration, and even downright concern. When business owners and fleet managers can’t find the vehicles they need to continue running their businesses, or simply keep their doors open, it’s a problem.

    No Vehicles = No Problems?

    Fat chance! Let us help you solve this critical problem. With vehicles coming from auctions, OEMs, and rental companies, locating what your customers need just became significantly easier, putting you ahead of the competition. We continue to add new inventory partners and have over 40,000 vehicles available through VAST today. After all, the more vehicles available for you and your commercial customers, the better we can serve you, and you can serve them.

    Commercial Filters Help You Find The Right Vehicles

    As the saying goes, time is money; and wasting time with retail-like search filters when trying to locate commercial vehicles just won’t work. That’s why VAST has commercial grade search capabilities, making it easy and efficient to find the vehicles your business customers want.

    Minimize Transportation Costs

    Worried about the added expense of getting these wholesale vehicles shipped? VAST can help you search by state or market area, assisting you in minimizing transportation costs by finding vehicles located near your dealership. And, one VAST inventory partner even offers free shipping when ordering in increments of five, completely eliminating this added cost, giving you the most competitive advantage. Reducing friction and helping your commercial customers find the work trucks, vans, and pickups they’re looking for in today’s challenging environment is critical to your success. Get on-board with VAST from Work Truck Solutions, the aggregated source of commercial vehicle inventory, outpace the competition and win business others simply can’t. 

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