Super Duty Fans

Plano,  TX 
United States

Industrial Floor and Ceiling Fans

Super Duty Fans are an innovative new line of industrial fans which are redefining the industrial fan market.Now you can afford to move big air for your most valuable assets. Revolutionary features like hanging at any angle to blow air where you want it, easy to install yourself, fully caged for safety, portability, wide airflow up to 60' coverage, and corrosion proof materials. Super Duty Fans are the only 4 in 1 Industrial Fans on the market, where each fan can be a ceiling fan, directional fan, wall mounted fan or a floor fan. 


  • SD5VFF // Industrial Floor Fan
    43000 cfm
    1.5 HP / 120V / 60 HZ
    59" diameter
    Variable speed controller attached to back...

  • 43000 cfm output

    1.5 HP / 120V / 60 HZ

    59" Diameter

    Variable speed forward and reverse 

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