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Notary Signings and ID Validation Services

Mavsign is the Leader in Nationwide Notary Signing Services and ID Validation for Automotive Contracts

Sign Your Customer Anywhere in the U.S.

  • Mavsign notaries will travel to your customer’s home to sign your car docs.

Validate Customer Driver's Licenses Anywhere in the U.S. 

  • VerifyID checks driver’s licenses, and passports for authenticity; it enables dealerships a quick and easy way to establish a trusted identitiy for instore prospects and offsite customers.

Red Flag Compliant

  • Capture your customer's photo, license, and thumbprint for all of your out-of-area deals. 


  • Offsite Notary Signings with VerifyID
    VerifyID is a biometric cross check system that checks government ID's for authenticity to detect fraud.


  • Detect Identity Fraud

    Notary Signings: 

    Deliver or digitally uload contracts for signing directly to an assigned notary. Notary will witness the customer sign your car documents in person. The signer will complete an Affidavit of Identity which includes the collection of the signer’s thumb print.

    Notary signing appointments available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, at the signer’s home or other meeting place in all 50 states. Turn around time is 3-6 days from document delivery and Rush orders available for a 48 hour turnaround time.


    A customer's drivers license is authenticated by analyzing the ID's data points, security features, and cross checks the driver’s license with the DMV. It also compares the customer’s live “selfie” against the license picture. VerifyID is compatible with passports and state issued ID's. 

    Improve Red Flag Compliance by adding customer's VerifyID results to each instore or out-of-state deal.   

    Available for immediate use via the Mavsign mobile app. No hardware required. 


    Signed car documents with a notary includes affidavit of identity, photos of the customer and their ID, with VerifyID results.

    VerifyID all of your instore customers and out-of-state car buyers.

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