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There's Money on Them 'Thar Farms & Ranches!

American automotive's ONLY agriculture program.

Believe it or not, agriculture truck buyers are one of your greatest opportunities.

FACT : American farms & ranches need trucks to get their job done. Arguably, the most important piece of equipment a farm/ranch owns is its truck(s). It is the one implement that is used every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, for every job. It picks up parts, and delivers lunch. It has been the bedroom, and board room. That pickup is the heart that keeps the farm & ranch blood flowing.

FACT : US Department of Agriculture AgCensus reports 2.2 million farms in the United States. Industry research consistently reports an average of 3 trucks/farm. Roughly 45% of farms will replace at least one of their trucks annually. That’s 930,000 trucks purchased in a normal year. Sixty percent of those will be new, 40% used.

FACT : New research says farmers #1 intended capital expense over he next 2 years will be trucks.

FACT : We are not kind to our trucks. With a fleet of approximately 6 million working trucks, that gets the snot beat out of it every day, agriculture can be a significant growth opportunity for your fixed ops revenue.

We are the only agriculture facing program in the entire automotive industry. We are a dealer program, with a vested Dealer Council. Every other piece of equipment the farm and ranch customer owns was purchased from, and is serviced by a dealer dedicated to the agricultural customer. We are those dealers in the truck world. No OEM, or 3rd party, can offer a farm/ranch truck buyer the agricultural experience, or benefits, our dealers can.

This is also a FACT.

Discover your local farm/ranch truck numbers, and learn about our new enrollment option that pays us when you get paid, at NADA booth #6913!


Certified Agriculture Dealerships : The Next Generation

 Press Releases

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    For Additional Information, contact:

    Lyle E. Orwig, Chief Marketing Officer

    Certified Agriculture Dealerships




    All-New Ford Pro Telematics Offer Joins Certified Ag Dealer Program’s AgPack® Bundle

    Farmers and Ranchers receive exclusive AgPack® benefits when purchasing qualified Trucks & SUVs through local Certified Agriculture Dealers

    Westfield, N.C. (November 15, 2022) – Ford Motor Company’s business division serving commercial customers, Ford Pro, is the latest entity to become a part of AgPack®, the bundle of exclusive farm & ranch supply discounts available only through Certified Agriculture Dealerships across the country. With the addition of Ford Pro, AgPack now boasts 18 total participants, with an aggregated supply savings valued at more than $30,000* per truck purchase.

    “That $30,000 in farm & ranch supply savings can go a long way writing down the cost of a truck purchase” says Pat Driscoll, CEO of the Certified Agriculture Dealership program. “Where else can you get a 60% return on your $50,000 farm truck investment?”

    Ford Motor Company, through its Ford Pro division, joins AgPack® by offering an exclusive 15% discount on the monthly fees for it’s Ford Pro Telematics Software Services. While these services are owned by Ford, it is important to note they will run and perform on any make and model, from any truck manufacturer with an active modem or installed plug-in device.

    “The agriculture community is extremely data driven, especially when it comes to technology that can help improve operational efficiency,” said Travis Hunt, Ford Pro Intelligence Business Development Manager. “As a part of the Ag Pack program, Ford Pro Telematics will help farmers connect their vehicles to always on, real-time insights that can improve fleet uptime and lower their total cost of ownership.”

    “Humbling. That’s the only word I can use to explain what it means having the  #1 pick-up company, join AgPack.” Driscoll concluded by adding, “Beginning in January, we’re going to make this process even easier for farmers and ranchers. All they will need to do is go to www.AgTruckTrader.com to get an individual AgPack ID number. That number can be used to claim an AgPack for every truck they may need to buy, at any Certified Ag Dealer in the country. And because they’re registering for their AgPack at AgTruckTrader.com, they can stay right there to shop the inventory of every Certified Agriculture Dealer in the country. Only CADs are allowed to put their AgPack eligible inventory on the site. True one stop, farm & ranch truck shopping.”

    AgPack® savings will continue to grow as additional businesses are added to the program in January. Other current AgPack® participants include Michelin and BFGoodrich tires; AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition; Rhino Ag equipment; Dixie Chopper commercial mowers; AgriEdge farm management system; Reinke Irrigation; Gallagher Fencing & Weighing Equipment; Eby Trailers and truck bodies; Viasat high speed internet; Mystik lubricants;  Walkabout Mother Bins, grain storage; Outback Wrap hydraulic hose identification; PUTCO truck accessories; VanAir mobile power solutions ; DTN Progressive Farmer Digital Marketing and Farm Market iD agricultural data. Details for each of our Partner’s offerings, as well as a Bonus Regional Offering from Dairyland Seed, can be found at:  www.AgPack.ag.

    For terms & conditions of all our AgPack Partner offerings, please visit www.CertifiedAgDealer.com/terms-and-conditions

    *Maximum aggregated value of AgPack benefits if a customer were to use all benefits to their limit.

    About Ford Pro Intelligence - Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan, that is committed to helping build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. The company’s Ford+ plan for growth and value creation combines existing strengths, new capabilities and always-on relationships with customers to enrich experiences for and deepen the loyalty of those customers. Ford develops and delivers innovative, must-have Ford trucks, sport utility vehicles, commercial vans and cars and Lincoln luxury vehicles, as well as connected services. Additionally, Ford is establishing leadership positions in mobility solutions, including self-driving technology, and provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.

    About Certified Agriculture Dealer’s AgPack® - A package of farm and ranch management tools available exclusively through Certified Agriculture Dealers that give the agriculture customer an immediate return on their vehicle investment by saving thousands of dollars in farm and ranch operating costs. These product savings are awarded to qualified vehicle buyers, at no additional cost to the customer by several leading brands within the agriculture industry. In order to qualify for AgPack®, the truck buyer simply needs to prove ownership interest in a farm or ranch. AgPack® is stackable on top of any available OEM incentives, Fleet or VIP offers and/or dealer discounts; awarded per vehicle, not per customer; and is to be awarded on qualifying new truck orders, new truck purchases and used truck purchases.

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  • For Additional Information, contact:

    Lyle E. Orwig, Chief Marketing Officer

    Certified Agriculture Dealership Program




    Westfield, N.C. (January 12, 2023) – AgTruckTrader.com, part of the Certified Agriculture Dealer (CAD) Program family announces that Auto Dealers attending the NADA Convention in Dallas will be able to enter the Spring Start-N-Arc Sweepstakes thus eligible to win a Vanair ® 10,000 amp Start•All Jump•PackÒ and an all-new lithium-powered, portable EPEQ™Welder140, creating a combined retail value of nearly $4,400.

    “As the ONLY true truck voice in American agriculture, Certified Agriculture Dealerships is proud to offer attending NADA Dealers to stop by booth #6913 for the opportunity to enter this national sweepstakes,” notes Patrick Driscoll, president of Certified Agriculture Dealers Program. “One dealer, rancher or farmer in the country will be winning a superlight lithium-ion battery powered stick welder for welding on-the-go plus a 10,000-amp Jump•Pack!”

    The 10,000A, 1332005S joules, 12V Start·All Jump•Pack will start the toughest Class 8 engines on demand. Great for dealerships, farms and ranches with extensive equipment. Equipped with proprietary technology, the Start·All Jump•Pack provides an instantaneous energy transfer to the battery the moment the cables are properly connected, which maximizes jump-starter performance.

    No purchase is necessary to enter or win the AgTruckTrder.com Spring Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes period will run from January 2, 2023, through March 11th.

    Again, stop by the Certified Agriculture Dealer Booth #6913 to enter.

    Learn more about AgTruckTrader.com at  https://www.agtrucktrader.com

    Learn more about Certified Agriculture Dealers at https://www.certifiedagdealer.com


  • Chapter 1 : Certified Agriculture Dealerships
    The hub of our vertically integrated agricultural truck dealer platform. If you are not a Certified Agriculture Dealer, there is no other way to access AgPack, AgTruckTrader.com or AgRally....

  • A Home for the Ag Truck Buyer

    Our umbrella.

    A place where farmers & ranchers can feel comfortable. Familiar. Like their local tractor & implement dealer.

    As the circle logo on our cover reflects, everything else that happens here, happens under the Certified Agriculture Dealership badge. What this brand represents is a dealer who has gone through specialized training, and has made a very specific commitment to their farm & ranch customers. It is an acknowledgment that this customer is different, with exceptional needs. It identifies the dealership as an agribusiness, uniquely suited to meet those needs with the industry's only return on the Ag truck investment through AgPack®. And it drives American agriculture to the center of the digital Ag truck world ... AgTruckTrader.

    Certified Agriculture Dealerships is the only agriculture facing program in the entire automotive industry. Meaning, we are the only way for dealers to truly distinguish themselves against other dealers in their local agriculture community. If you don't sell with this program, you'll eventually find yourself trying to sell against it.

  • Chapter 2 : AgPack®
    A value add worth more than $33,000 to your farm & ranch customers. Per qualifying vehicle. Free....

  • Value to the Customer. Value to the Dealer. Value to the Partner.

    This is where the rubber meets the road. What started as an idea, with feet propped up on the desk and hot coffee in hand on a snowy February day, AgPack® has become the heart of our value proposition. A collaborative effort among some of the worlds biggest names in agriculture, the 19 Partners comprising AgPack now represent more than $33,000 in exclusive, aggregated cash back on everyday items your agriculture customers have to buy anyway. Making this a true Return On Investment that nearly pays for the truck itself, if a customer is aggressive using their benefits.

    Rebates and discounts offered by AgPack Partners are required to be “meaningful & compelling” to the customer, while exclusive to AgPack, offering a competitive edge for our dealers that cannot be matched by any OEM or third party. AgPack is awarded per truck (not per customer); on inventory purchase, or on order (months before delivery = order conquest); can be offered on new & used products; and stacked on top of any OEM incentive, VIP/Fleet program or dealer discounts.

  • Chapter 3 : AgTruckTrader
    Agriculture's home on the digital range, where farmers & ranchers can go to find the truck people they want to work with....

  • Our Place in the Digital Showroom

    More than 90% of farmers & ranchers would chose to do their business with a shop that identifies as an agribusiness. Make sense they'd choose the same for their online truck experience, wouldn't you think? Yeah. As farmers and ranchers ourselves, we thought so, too.

    Launched in March ’22 during AgRally, AgTruckTrader.com has experienced steady, sustainable and impressive growth. Number of dealers. Number of available trucks. And number of visitors.

    Nowhere else can a farmer/rancher see every truck, from every Certified Agriculture Dealer in the nation.

    Where every truck they see comes with AgPack.

    Only Certified Agriculture Dealers are allowed to list inventory on this site.

    Only Certified Agriculture Dealers can purchase additional advertising on this site.

    Every Certified Agriculture Dealer gets to list all their AgPack elegible inventory on AgTruckTrader for 12 months, free, as part of their CAD enrollment.

  • Chapter 4 : AgRally
    The next generation of national agricultural events. Owned by, and reserved exclusively for Certified Agriculture Dealers....

  • AgRally : The Cornerstone of our National Awareness

    In just its first year, AgRally was recognized as revolutionary in the farm show space. Winning the National Agri Marketing Association’s Best of Show for Customer Events, AgRally had cemented its place in agricultural trade show history. Fusing everything that makes our heritage farms shows special, with the festive excitement of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, we’ve created the next generation of farm shows that has touched more than 25% of American agriculture in just one day each year.

    What makes AgRally unique? A one day, national agriculture event that comes to life physically through dozens of local AgRally host sites happening simultaneously at CAD’s all over the country. These host sites are actually micro farm shows, complete with displays, equipment exhibits and factory reps ... just like the big guys. National content is provided by way of live video, which is simulcast on RFD-TV and Cowboy Channel, while streamed live on their apps.

    Three local ways to attend a national event, with unrivaled product reveals and technology updates, and remote cameras from those local events all over the country making it feel like home. All around one common interest, while promoting CAD’s, AgPack, & AgTruckTrader at every turn. THAT is what makes us unique.

  • Chapter 5 : Specialized Agricultural MarComm
    There is a huge difference between all the marketing you already do, and agricultural marketing. Let us help you design and deploy outreach that will actually reach agriculture....

  • With more than 2 centuries of combined experience specifically in agricultural media, marketing and advertising, we are also the only firm in automotive that can help you design, and deploy, an effective ground game in agricuture. 

    You may not want to believe it, but there is a huge difference the marketing you do now, and agricultural.

    Even if you're not a Certified Agriculture Dealer, but still recognize farmers and ranchers as an important customer base, call us. We'll still help you deliver a meaningful, authentic message, directly to the people you want to reach.

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