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CF Search Marketing, formed in 2007, is a Digital Marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC, Display, Video SEM, Social and Reputation Management, Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram etc.), Email Marketing and Webcare. We help auto dealerships all over the United States increase conversions, website activity and sales. For many clients, this allows them to reach goals unimaginable. We work side by side with many website providers such as, Dealer Inspire, DealerOn, Sokal and many more to ensure the best possible consumer experience.

Carrera Advertising is a full service automotive advertising agency established in 1994 and over the past 26 years has worked with many of the largest dealers and dealer groups in the nation. Carrera is known as the OTT Streaming TV Experts, one of the first agencies to pioneer this arena. Carrera offers Full Service Advertising, Marketing Strategies, Creative & Branding Services, OTT, Streaming TV, YouTube Video, Streaming Radio, Traditional TV and Radio Production, Media Planning and Buying, Direct Mail, Print & POP.

CF Search Marketing and Carrera Advertising – Your turnkey solution for all of your dealership’s marketing needs.

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  • (Dec 14, 2022)

    Join us at Booth #943 and score $50 CASH!

    * Must participate in full-service demo at Booth 943 at NADA Dallas 2023. Reserved for automotive dealers' owners and GMs. Redeemable once per dealer or dealer group. 


  • Automotive SEO
    With proprietary software, we are able to optimize for hundreds of phrases for all categories of automotive search. As a result, our dealers dominate Google faster!...

  • At CF Search Marketing, we understand there is a lot involved with developing an SEO Strategy for the automotive industry, and we have successfully done so for nearly 15 years. Our team of SEO experts take their time to fully audit every client’s on-page and off-page optimization for every major search engine (Google, Bing & Yahoo).

    This task is done, so we can provide each client with a personalized SEO strategy. Now if you couple that with our proprietary software, CF Search has all the tools to help your dealer brand adapt and improve organically, so you can truly dominate your competitors in search results.

  • Display Advertising
    CF Search Marketing develops a custom display strategy for our car Dealers. We have the ability to reach users on multiple touch-points that provide a seamless experience across devices....

  • Our platform offers a holistic solution to reach relevant car shoppers on the channels that lead them to conversion. This includes one or more of the CF Search Marketing’s display product options: Display Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Retargeting, Interactive Inventory Ads, IP Targeting, CRM Targeting, Geo-Fencing, GeoLOCK.

    We make sure Dealer campaigns are fully charged through our integrations with leading data providers and exclusive access to The Data Alliance. We utilize a closed-loop technology stack that includes an ad server, bidders, and data management tools.

  • Email Marketing
    CF Search Marketing offers an Email Marketing solution for New Cars, Pre-Owned and Commercial Sales, as well as, Fixed Operations: Service, Parts & Bodyshop....

  • We design custom, cohesive creative, which is Dealer branded and matches Dealer’s current traditional and digital offers.

    We deploy email to our highly-targeted audiences, which include:

    • In Market to Purchase New or Used
    • Lease Expiration (30, 60, 90-days)
    • Purchase History
    • Garage Predictor (vehicle type and age)
    • Prime or Sub-prime Credit
    • Commercial/Fleet
    • RV Owners & Enthusiasts
  • Inventory Insights
    Track & monitor your competitors' inventory! It's never been easier to make smarter marketing decisions quickly and easily with instant insights into your competitors' live and historical inventory data....

  • Scouring through competitors' websites is a thing of the past!  Inventory Insights allows you to analyze both yours and your competitors' inventory in a single easy to use dashboard where you can see your estimated turn rate at a glance

    With dealerships in mind, Inventory Insights was designed to meet the needs of Sales Managers, BDC Departments, Sales Staff, Marketing Managers, and Directors. Everyone at your dealership can have access to the data they need when they need it without training or having to worry about mistakes.

    Dealers and agencies spend hundreds of hours checking, watching and looking at inventory across various dealers and websites. Inventory Insights will save you and your staff hours of manual labor you're already doing.

    A new way to look at and analyze your marketing and sales efforts using data you've always had and never tracked.

  • OTT / Streaming TV
    In 2022, 1/3 of Americans are cord-cutters, making them impossible to be reached via traditional advertising....

  • We place inventory ourselves using our own DSP, working directly with ESPN, Hulu, and Cable Providers 

    • Campaigns are optimized daily
    • Capabilities of providing filters such as frequency capping, competitive ad separation
    • Access to all counts in the market as compared with Cable Providers
    • Customized targeting
  • SEM - Paid Search (PPC)
    CF Search Marketing is a pioneer when it comes to paid search advertising. Utilizing best practices while taking advantage of the latest products that paid search has to offer, including our very on AdGen suite of automotive SEM tools....

  • Our focus is on the QUALITY of clicks, not JUST quantity of clicks! We provide complete, fully managed programs for paid search advertising which generates a high ROI for our clients. 

    Our own AdGen Software is the most POWERFUL Paid Search management system on the market!

    The AdGen Relevant Dynamic Landing Pages provide a boost to Quality Score, which lowers CPCs and increases leads.

    The AdGen Competitive Intelligence compares and analyzes keywords, ad copy and extensions to make sure your Paid Ads are the best ads on Google. 

  • ShopperID
    Make anonymous website traffic known! 98% of your website visitors are NEVER engaged, VANISH and may never return. Thousands of leads end up LOST to your competitors. Not anymore with ShopperID!...

  • We help you unlock web visitors names, emails, physical addresses, phone numbers & which pages (and how often) they are visiting your website. 

    With our advanced data matching and AI technology, you can stop wasting money marketing to the wrong people and now directly hyper-target your customers. 

    Reach these high-valued customers in need of an immediate phone call and, simultaneously, our automated marketing system can help hyper-target prospects via marketing campaigns. 

    ShopperID integrates with your CRM to deliver the most detailed leads with details such as source, offer(s) received, url(s) visited, vehicles viewed, location events and more.

    Receive quick stats for the amount and quality of the traffic to your website along with a summary of the visitors engaged by the ShopperID platform. Know how many offers were shown to visitors, across all channels, for your selected date range and more.

    Rich data you can actually act on. Take conversions to the next level!

  • Social Media Advertising
    Through Social Advertising, we've helped dealers exceed their sales expectations through brand recall and awareness, qualified low-funnel traffic, and increasing leads....

  • By leveraging Social Media Advertising, dealers can get more people into their sales funnel earlier, perhaps even dipping into their competitors’ market share, to increase conversions down the funnel. An active social strategy is more than just keeping up — the opportunities are practically endless to reach new leads, draw people to your dealership, and increase sales. Social media posts create a more personal, lower-pressure engagement that makes people feel like part of the process rather than a target.

    Our strategies ensure our dealers appear in front of people in premium ad placements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and TikTok when they are most relevant to them. 

  • Streaming Radio
    Reach customers while they listen to their favorite music. Streaming radio give you access to millions of listeners at a competitive price....

  • iHEART

    • Streaming Everywhere
    • Devices: Mobile, Desktop, In dash,
    Smart Speakers & TV
    • Location-First Targeting–Based on
    Mobile ID & IP, not Registration Data


    • Streaming Select Audio
    • Platforms: Sirius XM, Pandora,
    Soundcloud, Adwave
    • Devices: Mobile, Desktop/Laptop, Connected Car, Connected Home, Roku TV’s

  • Video Advertising
    Your website visitors who are shown a video ad are 70% more likely to convert to a lead. We deliver video ads to the ideal automotive audience....

  • Our platform reaches in-market automotive viewers as they watch video content across the web.

    We create exciting and engaging video content tailored exclusively for your dealership. No other video provider can provide exclusive content like us!

    Online video is hyper-targeted, so you can reach thousands of "in-market vehicle shoppers" or "pre-selected audiences" with pinpoint accuracy on Facebook and YouTube.

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