CMT Scanner

Brisbane,  Queensland 

Computer Vision to Reduce Risk & Increase Profit

Position CMT Scanner in your Service Lane Drop Off Area to Autonomously Capture a full 360-deegree inspection of each vehicle as it arrives.

  • Reduce risk of damage claims as each vehicle condition is documented at entry and exit
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) quotes repairs for any panel dents, wheel scuffs and tyres for instant value add
  • DMS Integrated
  • Integrated repair partners
  • Increase upsell conversions
  • Instant vehicle valuations
  • Labour efficiency opportunities (Sales, Service Advisors & Technician)

What will your ROI be?

BOOTH 3151

 Show Specials

  • (Dec 26, 2022)


    Any agreements signed at the NADA SHOW in Dallas from January 27th-29th, the HARDWARE COST WILL BE WAIVED

 Press Releases

  • CMT Scanner will offically launch in the US at the 2023 NADA Show in Dallas.

    Australian build and designed by the Industry, for the Industry to drive additional revenue into your Service Centre that traditionally were not possible!

    Australia is often the testing ground for a lot of OEMs, which meant Australian Dealers were the first to experiance the switch to the 'agency model'. This meant dealers needed to replace what revenue previously generated from new car sales towards customer retention and additional services in the back end.

    A CMT Scanner can be placed at the enterance of your service drop off lane, autonomously capturing the vehicles condition as it arrives. Integrated into your DMS providing instant repair quotations for value add opportunties such as small PDR dent removal, Tyres, Wheel Repairs, Breaks.

    Due to such high demand for this product, there will be limted 2023 installation dates available, so come see the CMT Scanner team at Booth 3151

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