Dealership For Life

Boonsboro,  MD 
United States


“A rising tide floats all boats”. This quote describes what partnering with Dealership for Life will do for your business.  Looking to build brand, improve customer retention, increase service profits by writing additional customer pay repair orders, more dollars per RO, providing sales staff a value add , then go no further!  

Brand development and management, active customized customer retention programs, marketing programs second to none, administration and management of Dealer programs, leading edge technology that integrates with all DMS, robust “Why buy here” and “Why service here” programs. Dealership for Life has delivered these results since 2004!  

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  • Lifetime Programs

  • “If we maintain it, we’ll stand behind it” long after your OEM warranty expires.
    Giving your customers a valued reason to perform all of their regularly scheduled maintenance with you at your shop is the leader in building stronger, longer relationships and higher profit margins.
    Not only does this separate you from the rest, it puts you out front of the best.
  • Maintenance Programs
    Customized programs from giveaways to lifetime terms. Our software tracks all benefits from our DMS integration with service. 100% of the breakage belongs to the dealer....

  • The #1 reason any vehicle owner visits a repair facility!

    Whether it’s for the first year or a lifetime of ownership, offering complimentary oil changes gives your customers no other reason to service anywhere else. The average cost in marketing for this service alone can exceed well over $100 per customer! Why not invest the COST of an oil change in the customer that purchased their vehicle from you. You get the reserves and 100% Dealer Owned.

  • Rewards Program
    Completely customized for each dealer group. Integration with all DMS providers....

  • Every time the customer has any service work done they receive points for each dollar spent on labor and parts. They will also automatically receive points for certain events as determined by the dealer. Keep in mind that the accumulation of points keeps your customer coming back for service in the short term and most likely purchase another vehicle from your store in the long term.
    The only place they can use these points is at your location and upon purchase of additional services. The customer with the most points is typically your most loyal customer!

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