Dr. ColorChip Corp.

Lake Park,  FL 
United States

Internalize outside recon expenses w/ Dr ColorChip

Have your detail department quickly and permantly fix scratches, chips, door edges with the easy to use Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair System. Based on a Do-It-Yourself kit, this system helps INTERNALIZE OUTSIDE EXPENSES, and can be learned in less than an hour. 

 Show Specials

  • **2023 NIADA SHOW SPECIAL!!          COMPLETE DR. COLORCHIP Commercial Systems                                 

           Through Feb 1, 2023:

                                  30 Color System       80 Color System    100 Color MOBILE System      130 Color System         

    Regular Price:           $2500                           $5000                         $5400                                 $6900

    Show Price:               $2500                           $3999                         $4699                                 $5799

             Contact: Tony Pando/ Dr. ColorChip: 561-845-6122, tony@drcolorchip.com