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We are the leading engineering company offering breakthrough technology specializing in drive-thru vehicle in-take inspection systems. Revolutionizing the automotive inspection industry, FASTLIGN and BODYGUARD can intelligently automate your intake lanes, increasing dealership vehicle alignment profitability, reducing walk-around inspection time and eliminating false damage claims, completely transforming your Fixed Operations.


    Vehicle Damage Defender...

  • Customer claims you damaged their vehicle but the team didn't notice anything? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go back in time and capture that damage when the car came in. With BODYGUARD, you CAN go back in time.With….Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) organizes and timestamps each time a vehicle enters your drive lane. Vehicle images are easily retrievable in moments for review.Strategically placed cameras, triggered to record on vehicle entry/exit, ensure images are captured at all angles of the vehicle from the bumper to the roof.BODYGUARD BRITE’s automatic LED lighting system images are high-quality even under low lighting conditions, and dark/dirty vehicles.So when you need to go back in time, BODYGUARD has you covered! We may not be able to fix that past relationship but maybe we can help you save the current one!Be sure to visit our booth to see a demo and find out how how BODYGUARD can fit into your entry/exit lanes.
    Drive Through Touchless Alignment Check...

  • BanaLogic, as innovators of this technology has countless success stories since 2014! 
    A 3-second, quick check for vehicle alignment and suspension health. Drive through touchless alignment check using lasers is becoming standard operating procedure for dealership in-take lanes​ FASTLIGN provides an immediate status check on the vehicle alignment health and provides the information to make decisions that positively and cost effectively impact tire wear, fuel consumption, and overall vehicle safety.
    See how to put FASTLIGN into your service department’s drive-in lanes to turn touchless technology into your dealership’s advantage by visiting us at our booth.

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