EZ360 Automated 4K Photo Studio and Software

Dallas,  TX 
United States

Automated 4K Photo Studio, Turntable, and Software

The ONLY Automated 4K AI Photo Studio and Software

  • Photo studio: Custom build with optional steel building fits any size space. Engineered from ceiling to floor to produce amazing photos. Save 30-50% cost and time with automated spins, uploading & publishing.
  • EZTurn Turntable: Our Fiberglass tops will NEVER rust. Shoot perfect spins with 18' table for the largest trucks.
  • EZSmart Software: Compete against Carvana with 4K pictures for closeups, full-page VDP & automated AI cropping, enhancement & background replacement for just $5/VIN.

Visit https://ez360.tv or call (888) 88-EZ360.

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This company does business in international markets.