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Provider of data solutions for Dealers & Vendors.

Authenticom is a leading provider of DMS Integration and Data Enhancement Solutions for the Automotive Industry. The company integrates with over 75 Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and connects to over 12,500 automotive dealerships throughout North America. DMS Integration is the cornerstone of Authenticom Data Services. Authenticom provides back-end support for automotive marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party service providers that require secure, efficient, and effective data management services. Authenticom is the only enterprise-level platform that provides Automotive Data Services and comprehensive Data Enhancement and Data Hygiene Solutions. Cutting-edge technology and technological assets enable the company to process more than 1 billion records annually via real-time web and batch-processing services.


  • ContactVia
    Authenticom's ContactVia is the complete compliance and customer data management solution.
    ContactVia is the first of its kind to give customers complete transparency and control of their own data....

  • Customers will use ContactVia to manage the type and frequency in which they would like to be contacted from the various businesses that possess their data, along with the ability to remove their data at will. This solution is industry-agnostic with extensive market potential. ContactVia is your solution to managing your customer relationship and ensuring compliance. The branded, intuitive interface gives your customers a place to view and manage the way they want you to communicate with them, seamlessly integrating directly into your DealerVault data for distribution to your vendor partners so they can ensure they follow your customer's requests. Your branded interface will give you peace of mind and the convenience of allowing your customers to tell you how and when they want to be contacted. Our solution also takes the complexity of handling opt-out requests and compliance requirements and simplifies them into the hands of the customer. Ultimately, the vision of ContactVia is to allow customers to access their own data across multiple companies and serve as a one-stop-shop for the customer to control who is receiving their data, what data they are receiving, and apply preferences on how they want to be contacted.
  • DealerVault
    A leading product in the automotive industry, DealerVault lets you take the wheel and manage data your way. Our simple interface gives users full transparency and control, which makes turning on feeds and viewing reports quick and easy....

  • The DealerVault product empowers dealerships to easily take control of the distribution of their DMS data in a secure manner compliant with NADA guidelines and large DMS company recommendations. Dealerships are able to update data feeds, limit access, monitor all activity, and view reports detailing when data was collected and sent to a vendor. DealerVault gives dealers complete transparency and control down to field-level detail of vendor feeds, allowing them to add and remove fields based on their preference. Many large dealer groups utilize the services of DealerVault, in an effort to increase data security, visibility, and reduce costs.

    DealerVault’s platform allows vendors to quickly add hundreds of dealership integrations in just minutes by using the bulk order process within the web portal. DealerVault’s sophisticated automated order process makes order fulfillment and feed activation extremely efficient and prompt. Feeds can be activated within minutes of the request, allowing data to be received same-day. Vendors also get upfront information about available dealer feeds and visibility into setup requirements.

  • RecordRecharge
    Whether you're looking to verify vehicle ownership, append phone numbers, update emails or verify mailing addresses - RecordRecharge has consumer data hygiene services designed to help your organization grow....

  • Bad data costs money. In fact, organizations lose an average of $15 million per year due to poor data. And this number is expected to increase. Clean data increases customer retention, profit margins, and should be easy to use. Is quality data driving your marketing dollars?

    Businesses are unique. RecordRecharge data solutions are designed to reflect that. Whether you’re choosing a few services to support specific business functions or to develop custom services that support your business partnerships, RecordRecharge has scalable data solutions designed to support your unique business goals.

    Whether it’s a single file or multiple, our data solutions are customizable, scalable and fall within the four categories: VehicleRecharge, EmailRecharge, AddressRecharge, and PhoneRecharge.