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Empowering the data-driven automotive ecosystem

Infomedia is a leading global provider of DaaS and SaaS solutions that empowers the data-driven automotive ecosystem. Infomedia’s solutions help OEMs, NSCs, dealerships and 3rd party partners manage the vehicle and customer lifecycle. They’re used by over 250,000 industry professionals, across 50 OEM brands and in 186 countries to create a convenient customer journey, drive dealer efficiencies and grow sales.


  • Infodrive Marketing
    Infodrive Marketing is an automated end-to-end process with campaign execution that yields higher-value ROI. It helps aftersales management engage with customers via timely, relevant and personalized marketing campaigns....

  • The automated platform utilizes predictive analytics to create campaigns across the complete aftersales lifecycle, including:

    • Automated demand generation
    • Predictive service marketing
    • Parts trade campaigns
    • Accessories campaigns
    • Vehicle sales campaigns
    • Retention analysis
    • Staff performance insights
    • Market segmentation
  • Microcat EPC
    Microcat EPC is the industry-leading online Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) that grows dealer parts sales, productivity and customer satisfaction. It’s fast, VIN-precise, user-friendly and automatically updates to the latest available OEM parts data....

  • Microcat EPC sells more OEM parts and ignites efficiency, with:

    • Genuine OEM catalog data
    • VIN-precise vehicle identification
    • Global Search – the fastest EPC search in the industry
    • Intuitive and streamlined display
    • Seamlessly integration to Microcat Service and Repairs, Microcat Messenger and Superservice Triage MPI
  • Microcat Service and Repairs
    Microcat Service & Repair Menus provides parts departments the knowledge to grow sales with visibility of related parts and fluids in over 300 service, repair and accessory fitment jobs....

  • Microcat Service & Repair Menus boosts parts and fluid sales, with:

    • VIN-precise Menus with OEM Data
    • Related parts list
    • Fluid specifications
    • Automatic Updates to the latest data
    • Integrated to Microcat EPC
  • SimplePart
    SimplePart is an e-commerce platform that provides OEMs and dealers with a branded website, online store and digital marketing support to power successful e-commerce programs for parts and service....

  • E-commerce solution designed to help you get online painlessly, keep you profitable and grow with your business—all with the help of our experienced dealer coaching staff:

    • Plans that fit and grow with you
    • Global 24/7 support team
    • Dealer success coaching
    • eBay online store integration
    • In-house marketing team
    • Clear and free analytics
    • Fast and easy setup
  • Superservice Triage
    Superservice Triage is an online Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) system, enabling staff to identify, price and recommend additional repair work. It delivers customers an easy-to-understand, fully priced and transparent vehicle inspection report....

  • Superservice Triage maximizes customer satisfaction and profits, with:

    • VIN-precise and mobile-friendly MPI
    • Online customer authorization
    • Integrated photo and video capture
    • Declined work follow-up
    • Real-time reporting
    • Instant price quoting with integration to DMS and Superservice Menus quoting tool

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