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Data Analytics, Warranty Management, 360 Showroom

Our products and services:

1.    FrogData:

a.     FDAP: FrogData Decision Analytics Platform

b.    WarrantyBoost+: Service Dashboard with Warranty Rate Uplift

1.    Service Operational Optimization using Advanced Data Analytics

2.    Warranty Rate Increase at fixed cost

3.    Ongoing Performance Consulting

c.     WarrantyMind: AI Cloud Warranty Claims Management

1.    Fully Managed Warranty Claims Processing

2.    Lower Cost, Timely, Accurate Claims Reimbursement

d.    FrogBI: Business Intelligence Platform

e.     FrogAI: AI powered Data Analytics 

2.    izmocars:

a.     izmoEmporio: 3D Showroom with 360 deg Walk-Around

1.    Upgrade your website with a simple Plug-In

b.    izmoAuto: Multi-lingual Digital Web Platform

1.    Custom Design Website with the lowest cost / lead

c.     TrimPix:  Trim Level Pictures for Inventory

1.    New & Used Car Images - All Makes/ Models/ Trims

d.    AutoGozo: Spanish Auto Portal

1.    Get Leads from the Hispanic Market Segment

e.     ReviewSoda: AI powered Reputation Management Platform

1.    Responds to reviews using AI in minutes


  • FrogPlus - Data Reporting and Analytics Platform
    FrogData is the automotive industry leader in data analytics. FrogData Analytics Platform integrates data from your DMS, CRM, Website and other sources and provides advanced reporting, business insights and decision analytics....

  • FrogData Auto Retail Solutions help automobile dealers improve business efficiency and dealer group operations management.

    For the automotive industry, FrogData has developed interfaces that enable it to extract data from

    1. DMS Systems (Variable Ops, Fixed Ops, Vehicle Inventory, and Accounting)
    2. CRM Systems
    3. Website / Google Analytics
    4. Inventory Management Systems
    5. Reputation Management Platforms

    FrogData Decision Analytics is an enterprise grade SaaS platform that provides:

    1. Data aggregation, storage, and data governance to ensure the integrity of the database​
    2. Advanced analytics and reports with data visualization
    3. FrogData Business Intelligence System for self-service reports and dashboards

    800 Reports: Sales Predictions, Financial Forecasts, Variable Ops Analysis, Fixed Ops Optimization​

    FrogData Decision Analytics is not just a reporting platform, even if we provide more than 800 reports for every part of your dealerships – it’s a tool for doing business.

  • izmoAuto - Advanced Digital Web Platform
    izmoauto offers a complete Digital Retail Platform for automotive dealers with:

    1. Content – Amazing 3D content from our studios.
    2. Customized Design – Enhance your brand identity.
    3. Concierge Service – White glove customer service.

  • The izmoauto digital Retail Platform offers

    Customized Web Design

    izmo's Intelligent Web Design helps auto dealers break away from generic website templates with a custom website and marketing solution that differentiates their brand from the competition.

    izmoEmporio 3D Interactive Content

    izmoEmporio virtual showroom combines 3D interactive car walkarounds, interior panoramas, and color selectors with interactive vehicle personalization.

    Platform features include:

    ·       Centralized management of all websites from one login:

    ·       Self-Management: Ability to build unlimited new pages, forms or campaigns.

    ·       SEO friendly: All SEO tags are managed through the platform.

    ·       Inventory Management: Rules based inventory publishing.

    ·       Multilingual platform available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

    Concierge Services

    The izmoauto platform is supported by white glove customer service that ensures that your dealership website is always up-to-date and monitored to ensure 24/7 performance.

  • izmoEmporio - 3D Showroom for Dealership Websites
    izmoEmporio is a 3D showroom that engages customers and converts your website into a lead generation machine. Users can colorize, personalize in 3D and shop. Boost your website leads with a simple plug-and-play technology....

  • izmoEmporio 3D Showroom is built on the latest CGI technology, and backed by the world's largest Automotive Content Library. It is updated regularly when new models are released.

    Enhance your website with izmoEmporio Showroom and convert browsers to shoppers. Better conversion means lower cost per lead.

    izmoEmporio Benefits:

    • Increase website conversion
    • Enhance your online digital retail customer experience
    • Improve the ROl on your Digital Spend

    izmoEmporio is Plug-n-Play so it works on any website anywhere in the world! Low monthly subscription with free trial. 

  • WarrantyBoost - Warranty Rate Uplift
    Increase Your Warranty Rates - Parts and Labor

    WarrantyBoost from FrogData is a complete solution to assist dealers get the maximum possible warranty rate increase based on the laws of their state. Unlike other providers, we only charge a low fixed fee....

  • WarrantyBoost from FrogData

    We help Dealers Get More Money for Each Warranty Repair

    WarrantyBoost from FrogData is a complete solution to help our dealers get the right warranty rate increase for both parts and labor, based on the laws of their state.

    We combine our Big Data Technology with Warranty Expertise to do the most optimized calculation, ensuring maximum returns for our dealers. Unlike other providers, FrogData charges a low fixed fee.

    WarrantyProfits FrogData maximizes your profits with:

    Data Driven ANALYSIS - To optimize vour results

    Turnkey SOLUTION - You won't lift a finger

    Guaranteed SUCCESS - Or you don't pay

    Statutory FILING – For both parts and labor

    Economical FLATFEE - 100% work done for a flat fee, often 25-50% less than others

  • WarrantyMind - Warranty Administration Services
    WarrantyMind is a complete solution for warranty claims administration and filing. We help improve cash flow by timely and accurate filing of claims on your behalf. Lower your costs and ensure no claim is left unfiled....

  • WarrantyMind from FrogData brings you the three things you need most:



    • Improved cash flow through timely and accurate application of Warranty Claims

    • Increased revenue and gross by getting every allowable labor and part dollar associated with each claim

    • Reduced expense by leveraging highly skilled / subcontracted Warranty Administrators

    • Won't have to pay benefits (taxes, insurance, PTO) • A fraction of the cost of a full-time employee

    • Peace of mind knowing your claims are being processed timely and accurately and comply with OEM policies and procedures.

    • Eliminates the need to hire, train, and manage a warranty administrator position

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