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Harrisburg,  NC 
United States

KEYper Systems, the industry leader in key control

KEYper Systems, based in Harrisburg, NC is a global provider of innovative key and asset control solutions. We offer a range of affordable security methods from mechanical boards to state-of-the-art electronic cabinets. KEYper Systems has been the standard for key and asset management since 1992.


KEYper Dealer Plate Cabinet


  • KEYper Dealer Plate Cabinet
    The best solution to control you dealer plates....

  • Having better control and faster access to vehicle keys is great for your sales staff and for your customers. But when you can’t locate a dealer plate for a test drive, the entire sales process hits a roadblock.

    The KEYper Dealer Plate Extension Cabinet provides a simple way to add LOCK-IN control over dealer plates to your existing MX system. Whether your plates are pooled or assigned to specific sales personnel, they can be quickly checked out in the same transaction as vehicle keys.

    How it works: 

    • The Dealer Plate Extension can be added to any existing MX system
    • Manage 8-32 dealer plates per extension cabinet
    • Each dealer plate is securely attached and locked in place using our metal Lock-In iFob
    • The cabinet enables strict control over access to each individual plate in the cabinet
    • Authorized users can select to check out a plate in the same transaction as a vehicle key, offering a fast and seamless experience
    • Enjoy the same administrative features you use on your MX system, including checkout time limits, notifications, item reservations and more!
  • KEYper MX
    The number one key control system in the automotive industry.


  • The MX Electronic Key System provides a revolutionary method of key and asset management designed to fit the needs of all industries while providing the ultimate solution in accountability, analytics, security, and asset control.

    • MX key systems can be customized to fit the needs of your organization ranging from 32 to 288 keys per cabinet.
    • Can easily be expanded to more than 2,000 total keys
    • Can be wall-mounted or configured as a free-standing system.

    The system provides a complete audit trail of your keys and assets. You will always know who has your keys, when they took them, and why. 

    Benefits include:
    • Web-Based Administration
    • Customized Reporting
    • Email SMS/Alerts
    • Digital Photo Capture
    • Multiple Access Options (PIN, Biometric, Proximity Cards)

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