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The Difference Is in the Details

Since 1987, KeyTrak’s electronic key control systems have helped organizations worldwide manage their keys, assets, and employees. With the KeyTrak Edge system and mobile app, dealerships are able to provide a better customer experience, hold employees accountable, and reduce their liability. Employees know where each key is and who checked it out last, preventing lost keys and delayed test drives. Management gets a high-level view of key activity to cut down on missing keys and improve productivity.

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  • KeyTrak Edge
    Improve your key management....

  • KeyTrak Edge

    Improve your key management.

    • Spend less time searching for keys and get customers in vehicles faster.
    • Track inventory age.
    • Locate vehicles quickly on the lot.
    • Get a clear picture of key activity on the go.
    • Protect keys from theft. 
    • Reserve or assign keys so salespeople or service technicians can access them when needed.
    • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with tailored system training.
    • Standardize operations by using KeyTrak for all your stores.

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  • KeyTrak Mobile App
    Manage your keys on the go....

  • KeyTrak Mobile

    Manage your keys on the go.

    • Scan prospect licenses without leaving the lot.
    • Create and scan QR code inventory labels to quickly load keys into your queue.
    • Drop a pin on a map of your lot to keep track of vehicle locations.
    • Check key status and vehicle information on the go.
    • Get notified of system activity while away from your desk.
    • Transfer keys to another user without having to check the key in at the main system first.
    • Search for vehicle inventory across your networked KeyTrak Edge systems.
    • View summary reports for a quick system overview.

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  • MOGOTrack
    Protect your vehicles with reliable GPS tracking and recovery....

  • MOGOTrack

    Protect your vehicles with reliable GPS tracking and recovery.

    • Experience seamless integration with the KeyTrak Edge interface.
    • Open new F&I opportunities and increase your dealership's revenue.
    • Unlock new insurance benefits and protect your inventory from theft.
    • Boost your service department’s profits with accurate branded campaigns for vehicle maintenance.
    • Stay updated with real-time vehicle GPS tracking data.
    • Effortlessly manage both key and vehicle management when you log into the system.
    • Find vehicles quickly on a map of your lot with a pin drop marking the location.

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  • Sales-to-Service Networking
    Track vehicles through every step of the sale — from the time inventory is delivered to the lot to the time it’s delivered to the customer....

  • Sales-to-Service Networking

    Track vehicles through every step of the sale.

    • Secure keys, vehicles, and equipment.
    • Look up key activity across departments.
    • Facilitate communication between sales and service.
    • Limit human error and lost keys.

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  • System Integration
    Keep your vehicle and customer data up to date....

  • DMS Integration

    Keep your vehicle and customer data up to date.

    • Choose from one of our certified integration partners or use our DMS-neutral Data Bridge service to integrate with the third-party database of your choice.
    • Avoid double entering data in your KeyTrak system and DMS.
    • Sync your vehicle and customer data.
    • Avoid costly data entry errors.

    Certified Integration Partners

    • Dealertrack
    • CDK Global
    • Open/Mate by Auto/Mate
    • Reynolds and Reynolds RCI Program

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