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Sales & Management Training that Drives Results


At Kintz Group, we believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to your dealership. Rather than provide our clients with a “training in a box” we partner with each organization to identify the factors that make their dealership unique. We then generate training programs for them that perfectly fit what they sell, how they sell and to whom they sell.

The Kintz Group has developed hands-on training techniques and real-world sales processes that actually work. Hundreds of dealerships are actively and successfully using these methods and materials to level up their skills and create faster, easier, and more relevant experiences in line with the high expectations of today’s customers. 


  • 360 Degree Dealer Assessment
    Feed the Beast and Fuel the Future with a complete, in-depth, 360° review of your dealership’s missed profit opportunities!...

  • We visit your dealership in person to map out your current sales and management processes. This starts by observing areas such as customer interaction, negotiation process, long term retention and digital retailing. After meeting with the Dealer, GM, Managers and Salespeople we provide a comprehensive assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth.
  • AssetPro 360
    AssetPro 360 helps increase profit, penetration, and gives the dealer a "New" customer retention tool they currently don't have today...


  • Think of what it would mean to your operation if you had a way (over the lifecycle of the vehicle) to ensure your customers came back frequently to your stores (with your existing appearance products) to take care of dents, dings, stains, tears, paint protection, glass, etc. and you had a highly effective communication and recapture tool to continuously connect with that customer and get them back in your dealership for oil changes, routine maintenance and repairs.  

    It pairs the program with your existing appearance protection products making it simple and easy… dealers don’t have to make any real changes to their current product offerings other than adding the additional benefit our product offers…

    We have several dealers running 35%-40% penetration on appearance protection bundles paired with the product… these same dealers were running 5%-7% prior to pairing our product…

    As a side note these same dealers haven’t cannibalized profit or another product in exchange for this increase…

    The initial goal would be to double your profit margin on each appearance protection package you sell and to increase your dealerships penetration 15% - 20% and then build from there… This has been successfully done  with dealers again and again…

    The long term goal would be to give you a competitive advantage over another dealer in your market and help you sell more vehicles by helping you retain more of your customers…

  • KintzNOW
    KintzNOW is the premier on-demand sales and management training program for the automotive industry. It has high impact content, accountability tools, and support coaches to ensure you get the results you came for....

  • KintzNow focuses on four pillars of information that have a proven track record of increasing lead conversion, customer satisfaction, and front end gross while developing a culture of fun and competition among the sales team.


    Learn and implement the strategies and activities that drive results.


    Create excitement and urgency with internet and phone inquiries.


    Increase customer satisfaction with a modern sales process that aligns with the buyer’s journey.


    Learn how to make it easy for the customer to say yes.


    Online programs can sometimes be hard to stick to. That’s why we’ve developed built in accountability tools to keep you and your team on track with the training. Usage, certification, and watchdog reports let you get the most out of the program by seeing the strengths and weaknesses within your team. This allows you to customize your training efforts based on the metrics.

  • Lead Converter
    In today's digital world, more and more people are starting their car buying experience online. Lead Converter answers that old age question, "What are my people doing with all these internet leads?"...

  • Know when your people are doing great, just okay, off-track or skipping steps so you can catch issues early and convert more prospects into appointments who show up! 


    Whether you're in the store, on the beach, or in the mountains  - our alerts and virtual dashboard give you the real-time insights you need in order to manage and measure your team's digital communication. 


    Simply put, Lead Converter inspects what you expect. 


    It’s THE process, accountability and coaching tool that will improve your Digital Performance FAST. 


    You don’t have to wonder anymore. With Lead Converter you gain a watchful eye to monitor your internet sales process, and coach your team to top performance.


    Lead Converter monitors and scores the most critical points of a Customers Digital journey.

  • ProVideo NOW
    ProVideo NOW is the most engaging digital communications tool in the automotive industry. Increase open, click-through and response rates with a single tool....

  • ProVideo NOW allows you to personalize your digital communication, crafting a far better buying experience for your customers.

    Instead of lenghtly canned emails that every dealership is sending, your people could be sending personalized videos that build rapport, boost engagement,

    and ultimately get buyers on your lot.

    Improve the customer experience and increase your profits. 54% of customers would pay more for a better buying experience.

    Just about any kind of communication can be elevated with video, especially in the dealership. If a message is being sent between a salesperson and a customer,

    a video can be used.

    Are you going to make a shift that can make thousands of extra income into your dealership each month? Or, are you going to remain in the past and let your competitors pass you by?

    Book your demo today, it's time to make something happen!

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