Market Scan Information Systems, Inc.

Camarillo,  CA 
United States

Come experience the industry's Gold Standard

Market Scan’s Automotive Payments as a Service™ solutions platform is the choice of industry leaders to determine the most competitive consumer payment structure from an analytics perspective or to power their automotive commerce and retailing efforts.

APaas™ empowers the user to determine a Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ – every time.

mScanAPI® considers all critical data & leverages our best-in-class cloud-based engine to calculate exact, and transactable consumer payments. It is THE ONLY scientifically perfect, and customizable API call that takes ALL factors and ALL critical data into account to create a consistent omnichannel presence.

mDrive®, and mDesking360® complement dealers’ existing sales management tools to facilitate modern retailing. Our solutions improve dealers’ profitability and vastly improve the customers’ retail buying experiences.

mGauge® and mScope® afford lenders and OEMs real-time market intel to design and deploy incentives and support programs with precision to realize market penetration goals and ambitions without paying too much for the business they desire. 

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