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AI Nurturing for converting unsold shoppers

Meet the Future of Sales Follow-ups
Let AI & Process Automation boost your sales team

Put your sales follow-ups on autopilot with myautoIQ. Drive 5-15% sales from unsold shoppers every month. Guaranteed.

myautoIQ uses AI and process automation to craft unique follow-ups for every lead. These follow-ups provide decision-aiding information relevant to the buyer, so they are engaged and return to your dealership when they are ready to buy. 

myautoIQ is a zero-touch solution that works straight out of your CRM. So for dealer teams, this means no clicking, no behavior change, no process change, and no training is required. 

myautoIQ brings digital transformation to your dealership by introducing the power of personalized automation at scale. Reach all of your customers and shoppers all at once in an individualized way and get data-driven insights through the myautoIQ products.

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    See the future of sales follow-ups and learn how to boost your sales team with AI and process automation. 

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  • Customer Data Platform
    Treat every shopper like an individual: myautoIQ CDP uses data and AI to create a 360-degree view of every auto shopper to identify how they need to be nurtured, for how long, at what cadence, and with what type of content.

  • Get the ability to personalize at scale with myautoIQ CDP

    Have you ever wondered why you are hooked to your favorite streaming video, music app, and online shopping channels? Artificial intelligence algorithms drive them. They study your interactions with their services so they can confidently recommend the next movie you might like to watch and the next gadget for you to buy based on your customer behavior profile.

    myautoIQ’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides similar capabilities to personalize at scale for auto dealerships.

    myautoIQ's Customer Data Platform (CDP) brings in intelligence and insights created from 40 years of North American auto buyer data. We combine that with your dealership data to provide a 360-degree view of your auto customer. 

  • Data Lake Analytics
    Get actionable intelligence for improving the customer experience at your retail auto business and the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales and marketing processes....

  • Get the answers hidden in your data


    myautoIQ’s data lake combines myautoIQ shopper intelligence, derived from 40 years of North American car buying and ownership data with dealer leads, dealer inventory, and relevant external data (Google Analytics, PPC, Facebook ads, etc.). We provide actionable information from facts and trends in this data lake for making data-driven decisions for your dealership or dealer group.


    Get an unbiased view of your marketing efforts—who is buying, what is selling, where the inefficiencies are, and more.

  • Dormant Lead Nurturing
    Unsold shopper nurturing is impossible to do manually. That’s why myautoIQ brings in AI created with 40 years of auto-buying data, content, and process automation to follow up with every shopper as they are— individuals with distinct needs and interests....

  • Tired of losing car shoppers?

    Drive 5-15% of your dealership's sales from lost shoppers—every Month.

    Let us know if this rings a bell:

    You are losing 80-95% of your car shoppers every month. Your sales or BDC teams struggle with follow-ups, and hardly any sales come from shoppers after 15 days.  

    We've heard this story before. Lost shopper nurturing is one of the biggest challenges that dealerships face today. The lead volumes make it impossible to address these potential car buyers manually.

    The common follow up approaches hinder more than help this situation. They treat all shoppers as ready to buy, rely on sell or die manual outreach, and use cookie-cutter information and automated solutions that do not engage or personalize. 

    But it does not have to be your story anymore. Your dealership can consistently convert lost shoppers to buyers every month with myautoIQ AI nurturing automation. Meet us at the booth and see how you can drive 5-15% sales from lost shoppers every month. Guaranteed.

  • Nurture every CRM customer
    Turn your past leads and past sold customers into a steady pipeline of potential buyers and loyal customers with myautoIQ AI nurturing....

  • How are you engaging your CRM leads and sold shoppers?

    Auto dealer CRM grows 2-5X the inventory size... every month. Over time, that represents thousands of potential shoppers and loyal customers. How are you maximizing the potential of every CRM lead or sold customer?

    ​Equity mining tools? Equity mining helps you mine the equity of customers who bought from you. But the thousands of dormant prospects have never bought from you and have no equity, and there is not much that equity mining tools can do in that case.   

    ​​​Blast mailers? Is your strategy to send blast mailers & monthly newsletters? What happens when you keep blasting your CRM prospects with messages that may not be relevant to them? They end up unsubscribing, and you lose the opportunity to convert them into buyers or loyal customers.

    Cookie-cutter automation? Are you thinking of a templated, time-bound automation strategy for reaching every CRM customer? It is best to avoid this approach. You still send cookie-cutter responses through a machine that lacks intelligence and can still not engage your CRM leads.

    Maximize the potential of every CRM lead and customer with myautoIQ

    Automate Lead Follow-ups: myautoIQ automates and personalizes lead follow-ups in real-time, reducing the need for large follow-up teams.

    Drive Sales Process Efficiencies: myautoIQ's 1:1 customer engagement follows the customer through their buying journey, increases sales conversions, and fits right into your sales processes. It frees your sales follow-up staff to focus on what they do best—addressing responsive, ready-to-buy customers. 

    Keep every CRM customer engaged: myautoIQ does your sales follow-up heavy lifting. We become your safety net to ensure that your dealership is maximizing every shopper and sold customer in your CRM.

  • Real-Time Nurturing
    Engage your inbound leads with myautoIQ AI nurturing that is individualized for each lead… automatically and in real-time....

  • Automated and Personalized follow-ups for each lead in real-time

    Why do buyers reach out but not end up buying? Were they bad leads, or is it because of your lead follow-up strategy and tools used? Let's look at the common ones used at dealerships today and why they fail.

    Templated automation: Are you using templated, time-bound automation for your lead follow-ups? It doesn’t help much. You end up sending cookie-cutter responses just through a machine with no intelligence and, therefore, unable to engage your prospects! 

    ​​Conversational AI and texting: Conversational AI or texting is suitable for low-funnel buyers, but most lost leads are not. When your lead does not want to have a “conversation,” is not yet ready to buy, or is not engaged with your messages, there is not much that conversational AI or text tools can do.

    Increase BDC or sales staff: Follow-up staff can build surface level relationships and engage ready-to-buy buyers. But they tend to be process driven, inconsistent, have specific working hours that limit their influence, and don’t know enough about buyers to follow up with each lead individually. 

    Customized nurturing approach - individualized for each lead in real-time

    myautoIQ uses AI to create buyer intelligence and vehicle recommendations. We use this information, bring in the right content, and create the right cadence to create a customized nurturing workflow for every shopper. 

    The result is that every prospect has a  unique nurturing cycle that motivates them to consider your dealership more seriously and increases your lead conversion rate.

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