Long Beach,  CA 
United States

Everything Fixed Ops In One Place

myKaarma delivers to franchise dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs, a complete operating system of solutions to optimize customer interactions and manage fixed operations. The myKaarma Operating System (mK OS) provides BDC solutions, omni-channel communications, scheduling, payment options, customer check-in, ServiceCart™ Video MPI, Pickup & Delivery, Declined Services, Insight Reporting, and more.  

myKaarma is a tightly-intergrated solution built from the ground up to provide exceptional customer interaction management for dealers and vehicle owners.  myKaarma integrates with all major DMS providers in addition to offfering open APIs for customized solutions. 

myKaarma has delivered over 8.5 million videos, transmitted 250 million text messages, and processed over $9 billion in payments for our dealers, generating over a 30% lift in RO dollars. 

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