NADA Retirement

Helping you recruit, retain and reward your team!

We provide service excellence, constant innovation, thought leadership and outstanding people to help dealers and their employees plan for their financial future. NADA and Empower have created a unique relationship through which Empower offers flexible, competitive 401(k) plans with an award-winning service model and fiduciary support at a negotiated NADA member price. Ask about our new Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans to meet your retention challenges. If you work with a local financial advisor, ask him or her to check out NADA Retirement from Empower.

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  • Key employees are critical to the success of any dealership! Recruiting and retaining these employees has become a major focus for every employer and the demand continues to grow. Need an easy solution? Stop by the NADA Retirement booth to learn more about Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) and why it might be the most important addition to your benefits package in 2023. Or email us at for more information.

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