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As the leading provider of DMS data solutions, Authenticom supports the automotive industry by integrating with over 75 data sources, connecting to over 12,500 automotive dealerships, and supporting more than 300 vendors throughout North America. Our DMS integrations and API technologies help dealers provide data to their chosen business partners, such as marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party services. Our integration, hygiene, and preference solutions simplify data connections.

Whether you’re a dealer looking for easy, transparent, and secure data solutions, or a vendor looking to better support your dealer partners, we have scalable and customizable options that drive dealer and vendor businesses farther faster. Visit to see how we can help. 

 Press Releases

  • Authenticom, Inc., a leading data solutions provider known for services like DealerVault and ContactVia, today announced RecordRecharge, a rebranding of their existing vehicle ownership, email, address, and phone data hygiene services. RecordRecharge simplifies what was multiple vendor solutions into a single process with customizable and scalable options. This change benefits customers by streamlining processes, saving costs, and helping dealerships achieve growth objectives. 

    "Authenticom has long been a data hygiene leader and champion of the ever-evolving data quality landscape. When looking at the growing business needs of our customers, we saw an opportunity to answer this need through integrating current data hygiene offerings under one umbrella. This gives dealerships a holistic approach to a much better dealership-to-customer experience. Simply, clean data better informs business decisions and makes dealerships look more professional," said Founder and CEO Stephen Cottrell.

    Clean data is more vital to business success than ever before. Too often customers receive communications for vehicles they no longer own. At a time of rising costs, dealers can't afford to drive customer opt-outs through incorrect data, which also makes dealerships look unreputable and increases consumer mistrust. Accurate and tailored customer communication can be the key difference between dealership success and failure. Poor data quality has a direct financial impact on company performance, weakens competitive standing, and increases already heightened consumer mistrust.

    The right data hygiene partner mitigates data quality business risks. Through analysis to remove duplications, create standardization, and verify quality and accuracy, services available within RecordRecharge put dealerships in the competitive position to increase customer engagement. This helps meet business goals and creates value. By addressing the market need for customizable data hygiene solutions, RecordRecharge customers can choose which data services best align with their data hygiene needs to encourage business growth.

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  • ContactVia
    Fuel customer relationships through preference management. ContactVia makes it easy to increase customer engagement and ROI, and to connect with customers while providing a sense of security and control over personal data....

  • With its straightforward application, ContactVia fuels dealership communication strategies through customer preference management. This means customers choose which frequency and method of communication, such as email, text, or physical mail, best suits their communication style. Customer preferences are then funneled back to the dealer and their approved vendor partners – making communication efforts with customers easier, less expensive, and more engaging. The branded, intuitive interface gives your customers a place to view and manage the way they want you to communicate with them and seamlessly integrates with DealerVault.

    Visit to learn how preference management encourages customer communications. 

  • DealerVault
    A leading data integration product in the automotive industry, DealerVault helps dealers take the wheel and manage data their way. The simple interface provides transparency and control, making dealer and vendor data integration easy....

  • DealerVault supports 12,500+ dealer partnerships by connecting more than 300 vendors with data for sales, service, inventory, parts inventory, open RO, special order parts, and appointments. Through DealerVault, dealers can easily and securely control the distribution of their DMS data in compliance with NADA guidelines and large DMS company recommendations. Update data feeds and fields, access, monitor activity, and view transparent reports detailing when data was collected and sent to a vendor – all within one easy-to-use web interface.

    DealerVault supports vendors by being a single integration point for 75+ data sources, making connecting to dealer data easy, efficient, and at a low cost. Vendors can monitor their active and pending dealer feeds, update delivery settings, and have visibility into the status of their setups. What’s more, DealerVault includes a dedicated Account Manager as a resource to help support your business.

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  • RecordRecharge
    Recharge data in ways that help reach business goals. RecordRecharge has data hygiene services like vehicle owner verification, phone and email append, and address verification, that are cost-efficient and deliver results....

  • Bad data costs money. In fact, organizations lose an average of $15 million per year due to poor data. And this number is expected to increase. Clean data increases customer retention, profit margins, and should be easy to use. Is quality data driving your marketing dollars?

    Businesses are unique. RecordRecharge data solutions are designed to reflect that. Whether you’re choosing a few services to support specific business functions or to develop custom services that support your business partnerships, RecordRecharge has scalable data solutions designed to support your unique business goals. Whether it’s a single file or multiple, our data solutions are customizable, scalable and fall within the four categories: VehicleRecharge, EmailRecharge, AddressRecharge, and PhoneRecharge.

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