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IT Audit & Security Solutions for Auto Dealers

With dealership management pressures on the rise, margins tightening, data privacy regulations changing, and technology advancing rapidly, the demands on auto dealers are at an all-time high. Therefore, it is imperative that you have established and implemented accurate internal controls and operational processes to avoid mishandling of sensitive customer data, meet the requirements of new data privacy laws, and reduce the risk of control deficiencies. Our dedicated team of IT Audit & Security specialists can help.

 Press Releases

  • Braintree, MA:  OCD Tech, LLC was established in October 2012. In the span of 10 short years, the organization has grown from just one Principal to a team of over 55 IT Audit professionals. OCD Tech supports more than 150 clients, both in the United States and abroad, across an array of industries including Banking, Defense Contractors, Automobile Dealerships, Higher Education Institutions, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

    OCD Tech continues to grow and evolve within the cybersecurity space providing a comprehensive portfolio of services including SOC Reporting, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Campaigns, DFARS / CMMC Assessments, Privileged Access Management, and IT General Controls Reviews.

    "Although, I feel that our success, in large part, is a result of looking forward rather than back, I am grateful for and proud of our success over these past 10 years, says Principal, Michael W. Hammond. We are truly dedicated to our clients. We are committed to being proactive and remaining on top of the ever-changing landscape of our industry. This is only the beginning and as we enter our second decade, we are extremely excited to continue to climb higher."

    To commemorate this pivotal milestone, OCD Tech will be releasing its Top 10 Tech Tips and its Top 10 Reasons why OCD Tech is a great place to be during the month of October. We have planned collaborations with various business partners and the culmination of our 10-year celebration will be an employee gala at the Boston Museum of Science.


  • FTC Safeguards Compliance Package
    Full Service. Fully Compliant. Get your dealership in full compliance, be more secure overall, and reduce your cyber insurance premiums. Get more bang for your buck and have confidence that your dealership is both compliant and secure....

  • Benefits of the FTC Compliance Package

    • Meet security best practices
    • Safeguard against a Data Breach
    • Safeguard against a Ransomware attack
    • Reduce cyber insurance premiums
    • Ensure you qualify for cyber insurance coverage
    • Satisfy the majority of local state data protection and privacy laws

    Why should my dealership have more security in place than what the FTC requires?
    The OCD Tech FTC Compliance Package will ensure that your dealership has the best chance to protect itself against a data breach. A data breach or ransomware attack can result in a dealership’s computer systems being down for days at a time. In addition to the immediate loss of sales that a dealership may suffer in the short term, a dealership also runs the risk of losing consumer trust in the long term; tarnishing the reputation that you worked decades to build. Lastly, fines can be imposed for noncompliance with not only FTC Safeguards, but any applicable local state data privacy/protection laws.

    Whether you’re starting at zero or have already taken some steps towards compliance through manual work, via a tool, or with the help of an outside service, we can provide you with a free assessment! This will give you an objective independent view of your current level of compliance.

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